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Saving data from powerapps to SP lists person/Group column

Hello ,

i need to save the user info in Person/Groups column of my SP list.

I am selecting the data from a Drop down list.

When i do "DD.selected.value' it gives mee error saying that it needs a record to save.

How can i do this??


@v-micsh-msft , I'm trying to patch a multi-select person field in a list using a collection which contains a column that is a single-select person field.


So, the collection contains the columns:

["Title"(text),"Username"(single-select person field),<some other columns that don't matter>]


The items in the collection are from a "Mentors" list and I have a "Requests" list. The idea is that a request will be sent to one or more mentors, and in the Requests list there is a multi-select person field (SentTo) to record to whom the request was sent.


I'm sure this is possible, but can't figure out the syntax. I've tried variations of Table, Concat and ForAll, but PowerApps is not having any of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not applicable


I am new to the use of SP List as data connector to my Papp. I do a Patch formula pasted below. There is an issue with passing an attribute which is text into SP list to variable that is type Person/Group i.e. RequestedBy. From some research, I have learned about the section after RequestedBy in the formula below but have such little knowledge do not know if going in the right direction. Any suggestion greatly appreciated. RequestedByAutoInput is the Papps variable which basically captures the User().Fullname value. Lastly, all other information is passed okay to the SP List since all these variable are identified as Single Line text in SP.



    CertRegistrationProcess, Defaults(CertRegistrationProcess),

    {CertReqID: CertReqID.Text,

RequestedBy: {'@odata.type':"#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpanderUser",
Claims:" “,
Department:" ",
DisplayName: RequestedByAutoInput.Text
Email: “ ”,
JobTitle:" ",
Picture:" "},

        RequestorEmail: RequestorEmailAutoInput.Text,

        RegistrationDate: RegistrationDateAutoInput.Text,

        CertTypeID: CertTypeID.Text,

        CertName: CertName.Text,

        CertCompany: CertCompany.Text,

        CertCompanyID: CertCompanyID.Text,

        ExamRequestDate: ExamRequestDate.SelectedDate,

        ExamRequestTime: ExamRequestTime.Selected.Value,

        CertDateComplete: CertDateComplete.SelectedDate,

        RequesterComments: RequesterComments.Text,

        Office365UserID: Office365UserID.Text





This is static information, what will be the solution for Dynamic data from the combo box for Multi Value person column?

Hi Brendan,


Although its been some time since you asked the question, I believe your Patch function is malformed. Consider this Patch function:




Note how i'm using a LookUp function to identify the record to update, then an object literal for the update payload afterwards. This syntax works fine for me as tested today.


Of course I hard coded the ID but this could be passed in from a Gallery or variable equally.


I hope this helps you or others with the same issue.

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