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Advocate III

Scroll multiple galleries at once

A person in the Facebook group 'PowerApps & Power Automate' asked:
"I have two different vertical galleries. I want to scroll the gallery2 according to the gallery 1 scrolling. is it possible?"

Which was something I had previously solved by:


Put all the galleries inside a scrollable canvas datacard (*note to get a scrollable canvas, add a scrollable screen and copy the canvas component from it)

Set the scrollable canvas height to the size you want the scroll bar to be

Set the datacard height to: Tallest_Gallery.Height

Set the height of Tallest_Gallery (and all the galleries) to something like: CountRows( Tallest_Gallery.AllItems)*( Tallest_Gallery.TemplateHeight+ Tallest_Gallery.TemplatePadding)
(*note this will require the template size to be a hardcoded value or a dynamic value that doesn't create a circular reference)
This way the galleries will never show their scroll bars as the height is tall enough to accommodate all the gallery items without requiring a scroll bar. And you'll be able to scroll through the galleries via the scrolling of the canvas component.
I'm not sure if this will work for your situation, but it works for me where I have 2 galleries scrolling together.
I don't know how you'd line up the gallery items to correspond with the time of the day.

One app I created, to get the gallery items to line up with the corresponding times I used rectangle and textinput shapes and positioned them (x,y) based on calculations - for example if something needs to be at 9am and I know that each hourly block has a height of 100px with no padding, then from midnight that rectangle needs to be drawn at a y position of ~900px
I thought I'd post the idea here in case anyone else may find it helpful; or if anyone else has some other ideas for achieving the same/similar

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Yes,This solution helped me. It worked perfectly. Thank you @stevegeall and @v-bofeng-msft 

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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @stevegeall :

Thanks for sharing.I notice @PapithaSekar1 is now facing this problem,I think your solution will be helpful for him,

Best Regards,


Yes,This solution helped me. It worked perfectly. Thank you @stevegeall and @v-bofeng-msft 

Hi, @stevegeall 

Hi @stevegeall ,


I am facing issue on template fill, I have all your step and now am able to scroll as required, all galleries are scrolling together, but template fill is not filling entire column. Please refer to the image


Canvas height - 1900

Datacard height - Gal_TimeInterval.Height

Gallery-Existing dose(main gallery) height - CountRows(Gal_DoseCount.AllItems)*(Gal_DoseCount.TemplateHeight+Gal_DoseCount.TemplatePadding)+100

Gallery.Dosecount(Nested gallery) -  CountRows(Gal_DoseCount.AllItems)*(Gal_DoseCount.TemplateHeight+Gal_DoseCount.TemplatePadding)+100

Timeinterval height (Tallest gallery) - CountRows(Gal_TimeInterval.AllItems)*(Gal_TimeInterval.TemplateHeight+Gal_TimeInterval.TemplatePadding)+100


Thanks in advance




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