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Search a SharePoint "Choice" column in Power Apps?

Hi fellow Power Apps veterans,


I am new to Power Apps and currently am trying to search a choice value.

I have the following function:


Search('My SharePoint List',
Search.Text,        --this is an Input Text
"StaffName",      -- A column in my SP list, single line of text
"StaffNumber",  -- A column in my SP list, single line of text

"Choice"             -- A column in my SP list, choice

'Date of Submission',  -- A column in my SP list, date


Where "Choice" is a choice in my SharePoint list. 


I tried both "Choice".selected.value and "Choice".value but no luck.


Hope someone would be able to shed some light on how I could get the syntax to work.

Thank you.


Hi Hardit,


Sorry I meant "This Form isn't connected to any data yet." was just a warning message not an error and was only showing in the Editor Mode. Not sure if this is an expected warning and is normal?

I confirm the Data Source of the Form = LookUp('My SharePoint List',ID=Gallery.Selected.ID)

I also confirm that I can see details of records in each datacard in the Form in both Editor and Play mode. 🙂


Thanks mate.

That should be fine. I have seen that happen, just cannot recollect when and in which case. Anyways, let me know if there are any other issues. 



Hardit Bhatia

Hey Hardit,

Just wanted to let you know that it's all working fine now.

I found where I got it wrong, the "Lookup" syntax should be in 'Item' not 'Datasource' of the Form. 

That was it. 🙂


Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Thank you! This worked for me.


I have a form created from a SharePoint List and I would like one of the Choice columns in the form to be searchable when someone enters text. Does your lines of code work for this scenario and where would I enter it (e.g. OnSelect, defaultselecteditems, etc)?


Thank you!



need help with app that has choice field from vlookup.

problem is to setup SEARCH by every word in choice field (NAME)


Anyone can help me.

Hello! Can you also please help write the code for:

1. Data Table instead of Gallery

2. More choice fields than "Choice" e.g. a second choice column called "Choice 2" and a third called "Choice 3"

3. Also include a Rich Text field/multiple lines of text field called "Multiple Lines"


Thank you!

Bless you sir, this helped me, I can keep my job. LOL

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