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Send bulk e-mail substituting parts of text based on collection

Hi everyone,


I am trying to send e-mails from PowerApps to various users based on a collection (ForAll function, which works great). I need to have a Rich Text field where the user/sender can edit the email template.

The collection is called 'colMultiSelect' with various fields - name, model, serial number to name a few. I have specific places/text in the Rich Text field (rtfMMPreview - the template) I want to substitute with details from the collection on send so that it correctly reflects every user. Is that possible at all? I can't seem to figure it out and don't wanna go the PowerApps->PowerAutomate way.

Kind regards,


New Member

Totally Possible!! Firstly, just so i can better understand.... is the rich text editor something that the users are going to be editing, or is it totally hidden, and just used to build out the body of the email you'll be sending to them?


If that is indeed the case, what I would do here, is change the "Default" property of your RichTextEditor control to be something like this....


"Hi "&User().FullName & ",


It Looks like you are trying to reserve " & LookUp(colMultiSelect,User().Email=emailColumn,name) & ", model: " & LookUp(colMultiSelect,User().Email=emailColumn, serial)......................



...yadda yadda yadda, you get the rest....basically just make the default text of the rich text editor whatever you want it to be, and wherever you want to insert those specified values from the collection, end the quote, add an &, and insert whatever lookup formula that will yield the value you are trying to insert.


Hope this helps, have a great day!

Thanks for the suggestion!

Yes, I originally wanted them to be able to edit the text in Rich Text Editor to make it more user-friendly and adjust the email text "in the background" while sending it.

If I understand correctly, your suggested approach takes the name and uses it as a lookup reference to pair the info together correctly, right? Wouldn't that show up in the preview itself, though? I was thinking more like using Substitute() but can't seem to crack it.

In that case, then, your best bet may be to give a templated email that they can edit, but then insert an invisible HTMLText control into the app. Have the default text for that hidden input be RichTextEditor1.HTMLtext, and use the HTNLtext input to be the body of your the HTMLtext control, below the rich text editor text, insert an HTML table containing the values from the collection you are sending them. does that make sense? hard to explain over a keyboard lol

It does, I was hoping it could be less complicated but I can probably do that. Will mark your answer as solution in case it works out, thanks! 🙂

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