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Send powerapp push notification to all users on Sharepoint list

I would like to be able to send notifications to all of our docs that have PA installed on their phones. I have created a host app that would trigger a notification, but I am stuck at the point of sending the push to multiple users. I have read solutions about creating drop-downs, but I am looking at sending the same message to 500+ people. I already have  a sharepoint list with all of their contact info- if I could have PA just reference the email address column of the list for recipients, that would be great, but I don't seem to have the right syntax


In my case, for testing purposes, I create "button 1" and OnSelect  I have


 PowerAppsNotification.SendPushNotification({recipients:'TechContacts'.EmailAddress, message:"test notification"})


somewhere along the way I am getting a table value where it is expecting a specific text. Perhaps I'm missing a step of telling it to send to All of the email addresses on that table/list? Any help with the syntax would be welcome

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I believe this is not possible (judging from the reply to but follow this thread in case someone else has an answer.


I have managed to send push notifications to users listed in a text box if that is of any help but I would also like to send push notifications to users listed in a sharepoint list.

@nhjelmberg Not sure if it is possible either. However, you say you have managed to send push notification to user listed in a text box. How did you do this? I can ask a separate question on the community if you want. I am currently building a powerapp and I want to allow my users to "mention" another user and when mentioned, it sends an email to the user typed in the textbox. Thank you. 

@Solomon_c, I created a page with one text input TextInput1 box for the recipients (separated by a comma ",") and one text input box TextInput1_1 for the message. Then I added a button with the following code:


PowerAppsNotification.SendPushNotification({recipients: RenameColumns(Split(Text(TextInput1);",");"Result";"Value"); message:TextInput1_1})


I'm not sure how to modify this for push notifications to mentioned users but it shouldn't be impossible.

Did you find a solution to your problem? I would like to know. I tried to create a gallery (name:Gallery1) and use "RenameColumns(Split(Text(TextInput1);",");"Result";"Value")" as the property Item and use Gallery.AllItems as recipients and it seems to work but I have not been able to test it fully.

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Hi @H786565 ,


I wonder if this works:

 PowerAppsNotification.SendPushNotification({recipients: concat('TechContacts',EmailAddress,";"), message:"test notification"})

The 'TechContacts'.EmailAddress is in fact a one column table.


Hope it helps !

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