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Send push notification to yourself in the background while PowerApps is closed

I have created an app that basically have a main timer that counts down with a user set time. This timer counts 3 hours and 45 minutes down. E.g., if you set the timer to start from 11:00 AM then it should end at 2:45 PM. The user wants two notification (push notifications), one when there are 30 minutes left of this timer and the second when there are 15 minutes left of the timer. I therefore have two other timers that counts down with respectively -30 minutes and -15 minutes in relation to the main timer. So the timer should send the user two notification at 2:30 PM and the other at 2:15 PM


The catch

The app's intended use should be in the background. So imagine you set a timer at 11 AM, then you will "close" PowerApps on your phone, so you don't look at it for the next 3 hours and 45 minutes; it should therefore just works in the background, and send you two notifications.


What I have done until now
I have tried to create these push notification within the app, so basically just a connector where I'm connecting this on the two other timers on its OnTimerEnd property. When the timer ends, send a Push Notification. This works fine, while the app is open, but as soon as you close the app it doesn't send you any push notification. The interesting thing is that it does send you a push notification as soon as you open the app. So it is very obvious that the PowerApps doesn't work in the background.

The other thing I tried was to create a PowerAutomate flow where I'm using a Dataverse trigger, that triggers when a Dataverse Table row has been modified, when it has been modified it should send a PowerApps Push Notification. This works fine while the app is open, but this is obviously depending on a patch function within the app; so if the app is closed, it will not patch anything to this dataverse table and obviously nothing will be modified and therefore no push notification will be sent.

I'm really running out of ideas here, and would like to hear if any of you have a solution for this so it can send two notifications while the app is closed/in the background?

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A few ways that come to mind are:

Just create a Flow that checks like all items that are made in the past 5 hours or whatever you need.  There might even be scheduled emails or other actions you can run based on the last modified time.


Another approach is to create a (personal) calendar item with two reminders set on it. I think that's possible with a flow as well. Or two tasks with one reminder... I'm not familiar with all the options with calendar items.


Creating an item in a list is possible too with an http request. But that's a bit more complex. A calendar is basically a list with some additional columns and views, so that should work too. That way you can set the user column and modified by columns I believe.


Hope this gives some inspiration.


Best of luck!

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