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Send selected file from asset library



My organisation has a lot of volunteers with a M365 Business Basic account (so without desktop apps). We want them to use our Word and PowerPoint templates. I have an asset library in place and the templates are available in the desktop apps (only for the handful of users with a M365 Business Standard account).


If a volunteer is guided towards the asset library and clicks on the template the template can't be altered. If I provide them with docx-files (not read only), they'll change the file itself. So I have build a Powerapp with a gallery that shows the templates. Each row have an icon to provide the volunteer with a preview of the document. Now I want to add an icon to each row that sends an email to the user of the power app with that particular file as an attachment. I can't get it to work though.


Possible alternatives :

- An attachment control panel, only populated by the asset library

- Some Power automation solution that creates an email the to user and attaches the file chosen in the power app. Question: how do I provide the user with a selection of files in the asset library?


PS the solution has to be very straightforward. Our volunteers are generally not ICT-savvy.


Thanks a bunch for any clue!

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This video might do the trick, but the bad thing is that each time a new template is added or renamed, somebody with insufficient knowledge of Power Automation will have to alter the flow:

What I am looking for is an automatic overview (list/gallery whatever) of my asset library and a way in which a user can select the template needed. That has to trigger the action in which the file is being send to the user.

I might use the last part of the video, but instead of using Forms, I want to use that automatic overview of my asset library (in Power apps).


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