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Sending data to a SQL server with a button push or checkbox in a table



I created a table with a filter in powerapps based on a SQL server. 

Per row, I want a feature where I can select "Seen". This can be in the form of a checkbox/ button or whatever.


In other words, I need to add some sort of checkbox to my Powerapps table and when checked, it needs to push this data into my SQL database. 


Does somebody have an idea on how to do this? 🙂 


Thanks in advance!


Accepted Solutions

Hi @samvanroy 

The absence of the Seen column in your table would explain the error.

For true/false or yes/no values in SQL Server, I would recommend the bit data type.

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Super User

Hi @samvanroy 

The Patch function enables you to update a single record.

A typical way to build this type of functionality is to use a gallery control and to set the Items property to your data source. You can then add a button into the item template of the gallery and set the OnSelect property to something like this:


{Seen: true}

The first argument defines the datasource, the second the record you want to update, and the third argument defines the field/value that you want to set. Hope that's of some help.

Hi @timl !


Thanks for your answer!

I stuggeling with the Gallery. How exactly can I add a button into the gallery? 
I don't find anything online about customizing the template.



Hi @samvanroy 

If you select the top section of the gallery control, you can use the Insert > Button item to insert a button into the gallery template. You can check that you've done this correctly by looking in the tree view - the new button will appear as a child item beneath your gallery control, as highlighted in the image beneath.



Hi @timl 


Am I doing something wrong? It keeps giving me error messages. When I test the app the checkbox unchecks itselves when I refresh or do some sorting.

Current settings:


Hi @samvanroy 

If you hover the mouse over the squiggly red lines, can you tell us the error message that appears?

Also, can you confirm that the field name in your Job table is called Seen? If so, what is the data type of this field?

Hey @timl ,


The error messages is in Dutch but translated it's:

"The Patch function has some false arguments."


And ofcourse... I don't have a column in my table yet for the checkbox... 

What do you recommend as a data type?


Hi @samvanroy 

The absence of the Seen column in your table would explain the error.

For true/false or yes/no values in SQL Server, I would recommend the bit data type.

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