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Server Response ETAG mismatch (Conflicts exist with changes on the server, please reload)



I am getting the dreaded ETAG error message when I submit my form and perform a patch on the record.  Here is the OnSelect code :-


SubmitForm(EditSubmissionsForm1);If(numattachments > 0,ClearCollect(Attachments,SubmissionsForaMeetingGallery.Selected.'{Attachments}'.DisplayName);


UploadafiletoSharePointfromPowerApps.Run(First(Attachments).DisplayName,First(AttachmentsUri).AbsoluteUri,"/Shared Documents/"  &  PRJIDComboBox.Selected.PRJ_x002d_ID & "/" & SubmittedGateNumber.Selected.Value));




    Value: "With Assurance",

    '@odata.type': "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference"}




This only occurs occasionally and if I remove the PAtch statement - not at all.


Any Ideas ?






Hi @NigelP,


No one is actually playing around with the app except me, i can see yes people saying the problem has been solved months ago.


Any Suggestions?

It seems this issue hasn't been fixed yet, I have to refresh the data source before do submit form of first step and it worked. 

@MiraGhaly try this:





Not applicable

This workaround doesn't work for all. Anyways, inserting a refresh each time you try to update will make you app run slower.

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I'm pretty sure it has to do with Power Automate.  If you submit an item and then go back and edit it and submit again before the Power Automate has run on it or has completed it will throw an error.  I still get the error intermittently and wish there was a workaround.

No Power Automate involved in our case, though I could certainly see how it could cause the issue.

So, the "hotfix" from back in 2018 was apparently applicable to cases where the problem turned up for no reason, but we're still left with cases where it turns up for no apparent reason. And refreshing the source before submit has no effect.

Hi @rseiler 


I was at a community event last night with @ShaneCowes and @TattoedCRMGuy and the question of ETAG errors came up.  It was felt that the instances of these errors had calmed down alot now and the majority of these errors were generated by PowerApps Forms.


Is this the case with you ?







@NigelP Hey there. Yes, a form is involved (avoiding them would require a level of creativity we haven't achieved yet), but we eventually did discover the source of this: An old Sharepoint workflow. So the plan now is to replace them with flows, because as was mentioned in this thread or another, Powerapps will not move onto the next action until the flow is complete.

But if you're using a workflow, it certainly will, so even a well-placed refresh, depending on the length of the workflow and other timing, may not be enough to solve the problem alone (explaining why a refresh works for some, not for others, and some only intermittently).

Update: We did eliminate the workflow, and while creating the equivalent in Flow was FAR from easy, it is true that Flow works better with PA. We still need the Refresh to avoid ETAG, but Refresh works now to alleviate the ETAG problem since it's actually allowed to complete before the Submit happens.

Hi @rseiler 


You can always use Microsoft Forms (Free !). (or Microsoft Forms Pro- but you need a licence for that one)


I would lose that SharePoint workflow  and replace it with a PowerAutomate flow.


Then hopefully you will have not more ETAG failures.





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