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Server Response ETAG mismatch clientRequestId serviceRequestId



This issue has only happened since last week. I have two sharepoint lists (lets call them list A and list B) that the app updates. When the users click on button to send email for notification the app updates list B but does not update list A and get the attached error messages. No changes were done to the app and this issue suddenly appeared. I have already tried solutions on the boards like changing the formula First for Lookup, re-connecting to the SP list.


I went into Edit mode and only used the code to patch to list and was working ok, so then I told users to start using it again but it keeps coming up with the error attached. The ids change every error message.


The frustrating thing is that there are other buttons that update list A and there is no issue with them, it is only this particular code which updates customer names, approval status, approver and value that is not working and hence app can no longer be used.


This is the status quo functional progression of Power Apps @JKarnesBloomin . Stub features are released and refined by frequent updates. Microsoft is "silently advancing" the code base to the destination in a nebulous "evolutionary" model based on requests and acceptance. At times, there are "issues" we surface as a community, and they are quickly dealt with when we make noise. We are both the user base, and a beta test population all rolled into one. It is the next logical advancement of what started as the "open source movement" or the "code consortium" models, but now they get instant, live feedback to any tweaks they make. A corporate "authority based" structured approach to community involved development, that has the advantage of Azure AD infused security protections, and data connectors to third party data stores. We are the PowerApps community! ( Think "windows for workgroups" instead of a corporate OS, they are moderating "app features" for the community. ) From Microsoft, with love 😉 @SmartMeter

I lied, its' still not working.


So, this error is most likely coming from SharePoint, so either they made a change to SP Online that is casuing it, or there was a connector chnage that is causing it.


@JKarnesBloomin, are you still experiencing this ETAG mismatch error?


Would you be able to provide a session ID and a fiddler trace? I can jump on a call and help you with this if you send me a PM.



Microsoft Employee

I am also seeing this same issue with a submitform .. Intermittant issue... mostly does not work anymore but will sometime work in dev studio


Data Source is a Task list in SharePoint...


Have tried replacing the connector with no luck


Just started heppening in the last week or so..


Session ID: 88a3da59-3cb7-487c-84ed-b0070a160b4a
PowerApps 3.18071.25


error message states

"Conflicts exist with Changes on the server, Please Reload. Server Response ETAG Mismatch


serverRequestID: bee1789-406f-6000-cd52-048d2d4af5bf"



I found a pattern easy to reproduce


I republished the app and an item will save fine on the first edit and save but you will get this the second time you edit and try to save.


This is very consistant an easy to reproduce. 


Open item and edit and save - no problem.  Open another list item and save - no problem.  Go back to first item and try and save - you get the error.  Go to the second item that you edited and try and edit and you get he same error



So here is the pattern

Open an item and save - works fine.   Open the saved item and edit and try and save - you get the error.


So Ill throw my app in the ring as well.  Every app we use that connects to sharepoint is suffering from the dreaded ETAG issue.  Just want to ditto what @skylitedave has described.  I found the same pattern... I thought it was intermittant but when I refresh the browser and reload our apps the first save for each record will be sucessful.  Any second edit throws an error, always the same error, and we have to refresh the browser and reload the app to clear it.  


Microsoft must have changed something in the sourcecode with powerapps or sharepoint over the last week.    


What we have found is that the ETAG error is quite random. I have two folks function testing for "timeout" or tenant connection from stale sessions or ? From what I can tell, this whole architecture is supposed to be stateless, and adding MFA with an authenticator on the device makes the waters even more murky for this type of thing. Over the course of the last two days I have focused on another project, but I will be back to this in a few days. Incidentally (In case anyone else has) I just added functionality to use the first attachment as an image from the gallery, and the app user can attach one image to the SP list object. I kind of hard coded the gallery to use attachment 1 and the gallery just displays one image from ATT1 in turn. All ETAG and invalid data source errors STARTED with the same release that the image attachment capability went live in. My best to all those suffering through this, @SmartMeter

It is not a random error.  It is easy to reproduce.  

  • Log in
  • Edit and item and Save - no problem with Patch or SubmitForm
  • Edit same item again in same session - ETAG error with Patch or SubmitForm


Happens every time

data source SharePoint lists


Workaround for now


  • Log out and log back in to edit or
  • Issue Refresh before Patch or Submitform


This has been validated by several users


This has been open for a week with no updates from Microsoft.


Can someone from Microsoft respond and let us know what is going on to resolve this serious bug?  This is being reported by many users.    


To recap.. the issue is this.... 


If you connect to a SharePoint list and try to edit a list item more than 1 time in a session you will  get this error when you use patch or submitform unless you issue a refresh ( and that is a suboptimal workaround since it involves a roundtrip to the server before you save)






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