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Server errors today. I need to know why.

Many users are seeing this today.  Random places at random times.  Previously working apps.  While the error is showing, there is not an obvious issue in the data.  However, I cant be 100% sure.  Please advise!!


All connectors show "connected" and look happy.


"An error occurred on the server. Server Response: Not a valid connector Error response."




One example:

Session ID: 182e3e78-8e7e-46ef-93c6-41cc608558db
PowerApps 3.19111.27







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Community Champion

I waited... issues went away.  No rationale... as usual.

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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @martinav ,


Please raise a support ticket here:




Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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@v-monli-msft ,


Thanks for the suggestion.


I do not get good answers from support in these kinds of errors.  They make me retry things until the error stops without really doing anything, and then offer no reason why it stops, or it does not stop.  But, it just happens again later.  In fact, I had VERY bad advice with connectors once, and I spent 3 days "fixing" them.  (Eliminating "duplicates").  That caused more problems I never had, and I still have as a result.  Thus, I'm not too confident at this point with raising tickets for random errors like this.


I was hoping to see if others are having these issues.  It has definitely happened before where there are problems I have no control of.  If others are having issues, then the best I can do is just wait it out anyway.  No sense in messing with my code.  Its no me.

Hi @martinav ,


I am also having Connector issues on my PowerApps today...

I am asuming it is to do with the below Service Health Incident in the 365 Admin Portal??


Office 365 Portal/SharePoint Online - "Can't run Client Side Object Model (CSOM) and Application Programming Interface (API) scripts"


I would also agree with you about the potential folly of logging tickets with the helpdesk...


I had an issue the other day with Users suddenly not being able to access SPO, and as I was out all day, I referred the problem to the helpdesk. They spent the entire day going back and forth, adding/removing users, putting users in and out of groups over and over again, and referring to "technical teams" before coming back and trying exactly the same actions for a 5th or 6th time. Even though they couldn't find the problem after 8 hours, their suggested workaround was to give all the users Full Control permissions as they still couldn't diagnose or fix the issue!

Once I got home and had a chance to take a look, it took me 15 minutes to diagnose and fix - the custom Permission Level I had created had somehow corrupted overnight. I told the support desk what the problem was and how I solved it, and they suddenly went very quiet...


I figure I should invoice Microsoft instead of the other way around!



I started facing the same annoying error a day ago!

  • Using Sharepoint Lists
  • Occurs with different Sharepoint lists, any time
  • Tried to remove connector and add again, tired to clean cache, disable experimental settings - nothing helps...


@james_hathaway ,


I ended up creating a ticket anyway.  They made the mistake of suggesting I delete a connector, and recreate it.  I was polite, but was emphatic about how doing that is detrimental to failure of ALL of your flows.  The time I, against my better judgement, followed their advice to delete "duplicate" connectors, it took me 3 days to recover.  I still have had lingering issues with failed SP actions that fail for no apparent reason, except the fact that I messed with the connectors.  It is VERY bad advice to delete connections.  Of course, after doing all of that effort, it was not a day that the system itself created another duplicate SP connection.  It happens.  


Anywho...  I sent support a fiddler trace, and I fully expect that they will call me back (which they do), ask me to "try it again", and when it does not error again, say all is good and if I have any more questions... then close the case.  When all along, the only solution is really just to sit it out and wait for them to fix whatever back-end issue there is.  Dont expect a reason.  But, do expect it will happen again, or something like it.


My history had been about one issue like this a month.  To the credit of MS, these issues have become fewer.  Perhaps one every other month now.  It generally takes 2-3 days for the issues to go away.  


I'm actually logging issues automatically by using a flow to record the status screens for both PA and Flow.  Its kind of buggy, but it is making me a history of issues in SP I can go back and refer too.  This post shows a way of stripping the data from the status web pages.  I then create a SP record from the data.





Community Champion
Community Champion

@aurelijusm ,


Yea, you are just going to have to wait this one out.  Its not anything you have done wrong.  Also read the post I left just after yours.  Be VERY careful deleting connectors.  All usage  does not all gracefully pickup the new connector when you add it back.  This can cause serious issues with your Flows.  They may fail after doing that, and its very cumbersome to fix.  

@martinav ,


I've just noticed that all 20 flows are not working now, as you said...christ...I hope I wont spend hours to fixing the connection now.

I am wondering why it is not possible to get any reason for the issues like this? In the end it is preventing users to use the app and you can actually, as example, miss some some data since it wont be saving or whatsoever - it is kind of major issue...

Community Champion
Community Champion

@aurelijusm ,


A couple things you can do...


Go to the failed actions (generally SP and Office365 ones are notorious) and see if there are multiple connectors.  Pick another one.  See if it goes.  If not, I have had to do a "save-as" on the flow, then go to each powerapp, and delete the old flow name, and re-add the new flow name, and fix all of the references to it in your powerapp statements.  A pain in the ASS but it generally works.




I really dont know why these screw up like this when you delete/re-create a connection.  Especially since MS support tell you to do that all the time too.  Its a major issue.  I have like 80 flows.  

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I'm having the same error, with sharepoint list. I don't know why? We have no changes anything in our apps.

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