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Level 8

Service Now Connector

I have been able to utilse the Service Now Connector in flow and pass the data back to powerapps via a http response.


However if i try to use the servicenow connector natively within powerapps , the data is not returned with the correct JSON schema, and is presented as a "results" object rather than an array of tabular data.


For example, with flow , I can specify the "response body JSON schema" using a smaple payload , so it is returned to powerapps as an array... (i have removed many of the JSON fields for ease in the below example )

    "type": "array",
    "items": {
        "type": "object",
        "properties": {
            "property1": {
                "type": "string"
            "property2": {
                "type": "string"
        "required": [


But when i create a collection with the native connector


 within powerapps i get this...


servicenow1.pngThe root of the collectionservicenow2.pngThe results object is empty


The collection has one results object and after clicking within it i dont get an array Smiley Sad


I know that powerapps is recieving the data back as i can see it in the http response when I inspect the browser using the network tab. Also if i do a countrows in the colelction it counts the correct amount of rows. So there's obviously data returned, i just can't get to it ... grrr ! haha


Any idea how I can resolve this issue, as i would like to use the native connector if possible.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Service Now Connector

Hi @SamPhillips ,

Based on the screenshot that you provided, it seems that the ServiceNow.GetRecords("incident") formula does not return any data. Please check if the ServiceNow connection in your app is valid, if not, re-create a new connection to the ServiceNow connector from your app, then check if the issue is solved.


In addition, please also consider modify your formula as below:

ClearCollect(ServiceNowTicketsNew, ServiceNow.GetRecords("Incidents").result)     /* <-- Please type Incidents rather than incident */


Set(ServiceNowTicketsNewVar, ServiceNow.GetRecords("Incidents").result)

Please consider take a try with above solution, then check if the issue is solved.


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Level 8

Re: Service Now Connector

Hello Kris,

Thank you for getting back to me. 


I have recreated the connector as requested.


If i try "Incidents" it returns an error stating that the table name is invalid.




I have tried the ".results" method and this does change the collection structure but i do not get any data in the form of columns.




If I perform a countrows on the collection i do get "192" which is the correct amount of rows/the amount of incidents, so i'm obviously getting something back from the connector.


If i try a variable, it also returns an empty table:




As mentioned previously, if i inspect the app with the browser inspect engine , i can see the http response containing the data and all of the rows an columns. It seems like Powerapps just doesn't now how to present it or isn't provided/parsing the response JSON so it can display the columns. Are you able to test the connector?


Many thanks for your help so far Smiley Happy

Level 8

Re: Service Now Connector

Any update on this? I would really like to get this connector working.

Level: Power Up

Re: Service Now Connector

Any update to this? This appears to be a bug with the connector.

Level: Powered On

Re: Service Now Connector

Any news on this???


I need to use multiple entities from ServiceNow to create collections that later on I will use to display information on lookups.


Does anyone has a workaround to achieve this??




Gustavo Camargo

Level: Power Up

Re: Service Now Connector

I had to create a custom connector to make something work.

Level: Powered On

Re: Service Now Connector

Thanks for your quick response. However, I do not know how to do that. But thanks for your response 🙂


Right now trying to use Azure Data Factory and its copy functionality to replicate ServiceNow data into an Azure SQL Database. Once that is done I hope to be able to collect the data from Azure SQL to achieve what I need 🙂

I hope this works.





Level 8

Re: Service Now Connector

I manage to retrieve service now data into powerapps through the connector in MS flow ( now called Power Automate).


I can construct the query within powerapps and pass it back to the flow, which then responds to Powerapps by HTTP with the required records which I store in a collection and can work with in the app.


It works well, however the native ServiceNow connector in Powerapps would have been better as I could have then used it to do lookups/queries without trigger events.



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