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Set Radiobutton depending on global variable

Hello Powerapper,


I want to change the value of a radio button depends of the value of a global variable that was already set.



If(Radio1.Selected.Value="Yes"; Set(check1;"Yes");Radio1.Selected.Value="No"; Set(check1;"No");" ");;



If(check1="Yes"; Set(Radio2.selected.value = "Yes")
If(check1="No"; Set(Radio2.selected.value = "No")


If check1 has no value, the RadioButton should be unchecked.


But it does not work like this. Is there a solution for this? I could not find anything in the forum.


Small information:
It must be configured via the global variable, because after the operation of radio 1 this value is cached and retrieved later



Thanks in advance



Hi @Tony_47127 ,

Looking at the logic - assuming Radio1 and Radio2 have similar options ("Yes" and "No") - can't you just set Radio2 to be the same as Radio1?

i.e. Radio2 Default: property




Anyway, if there's a reason you need to use the variable, then the logic is similar but you probably want to set the variable using the OnChange: property of Radio1, and if you plan to use the logic in the same way you've done in your post then it can just be this;

Set(Check1, Self.Selected.Value)

Then your Radio2 Default: property can be


This does require that Radio2 does have the same options as Radio1 though....still, if you don't need to use the variable and can make Radio2 = Radio1 then rather do that and keep things simple.

Hope this helps,


New Member

Thank you for your suggested solution.

I have worked with the methodology but unfortunately I have not described my problem well. Therefore it did not work completely
Here is a new attempt to describe my whole problem: 🙂

We need help to create an app with saving functions.

  1. The sense is that the selected values of radio1,2,3,..., are saved as global values (check1,2,3,...,).
  2. In the next step we want to save all data in the memory1 with a “saving button1“.
  3. An other button “Delete“ should be reset all selected data of the radio buttons.
  4. And when retrieving the memory/cache via another button "Execute1", the values of the radio buttons are back to their own set value.
  5. This should be possible with 5 different memories.



  1. select values of Radio1 (options: "yes" and "no")
  2. save the value as check1
  3. store the check1,2,3,..., values in “memory1“
  4. delete the entries of Radio1 “Delete“
  5. select the button "Execute1" from memory 1
  6. set Radio1 again to the value of (check1)



The  OnSelect properties of the radio button 1 is

If(Radio1.Selected.Value="yes";Set(check1; "yes");Radio1.Selected.Value="no";Set(check1; "no");" ")


The Default properties of the Radio buttons 1 is




Button to Collect the Data:

ClearCollect(Data1;{Titel:"Index"; available:check1;condition:DP1J.Selected.Value}

I would be glad if you could help me with this problem.







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