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Set Variables not working

I have an the following code on the OnVisible property of the screen:

Set(varShowImagebox, false)


I have another icon whose OnSelect property has 

Set(varShowImagebox, true)


I have a text box for testing purposes whose Text field has



But when i click on the icon the textbox value does not change.

Super User
Super User

Hi @soumitra ,

You need varShowImagebox as the Visible property of the Text box


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Tried it, doesn't change. I have it as the text value just to see if the value of varShowImagebox  changes on click of the icon.

@soumitra ,

To be clear,

  1. You have an icon with the OnSelect of Set(varShowImagebox, true)
  2. The value of varShowImageBox is false
  3. It remains false after you press the icon




yes correct, it stays false

@soumitra ,

The only possibility is that you have a context variable with the same name (you have set this)


or you have a bug in the app - try another icon.


Super User
Super User

Hi @soumitra ,


I suggest to try the below.


Keep 3 icons - Save, Edit, Cancel

Keep the default Save Icon  Visible : false

Keep the Code on Edit Icon   On SelectSet(varIconVisible,true); 

Keep the Code on Cancel Icon On Select -Set(varIconVisible,false); 

Keep a label  Text : varIconVisible


This will work as expected 🙂 You can change the icons as per your need.

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@DeviKrishna ,

Thank you for your input, but it does not explain why the OnSelect of the current icon does not change the value of the Variable.

Hi @WarrenBelz 

I assumed that the variable value was not reset and hence onselect was always showing true.

That's y introduced the cancel icon to reset the variable value to false.


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Hi @DeviKrishna ,

I was just trying to keep on topic as @soumitra has stated the Variable is false and will not set to true (which makes no real sense unless there is something conflicting such as a context variable which will take precedent),

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