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Helper I

Set function not working after I exported a functional package in 1 login domain and then imported to different login domain- both login domain in same powerapps tenant id


1. I am working in an environment of 1 powerapps tenant id with two user login ids , id 1 and id 2.

2. I had developed a fully functional app using id1.  I had to migrate the functional  apps developed in login id1 domain to the login id2 domain. I did this using the Export and Import Package functions of Powerapps and no errors were encountered in both processes. 

3. However, when I tried to run the Powerapps in id2 domain, I found that the Set function was not working properly, i.e. nothing was set for the global variables at OnStart Application. When I used the text label to troubleshoot, I found that blank was returned for all global variables  which means nothing was set.  Note that the global variables I am trying to set were email and display name and which were able to be displayed when I used another text label to check.


I tried deleting the Set variable statement and retyped again, Saved and Republished it. Also did a Run On Start but all these didnt work.  Is there something that is missing which I didnt do? Please help. This is really frustrating. 


Best regards





Super User
Super User

@Jo_25 Could you share the code you have in OnStart().

Hi, CNT 


Thanks for reaching out. Here is the code 


@Jo_25 When you say "I had to migrate the functional  apps developed in login id1 domain to the login id2 domain."

do you mean moving the App from one Environment to the other? In any case a simple Set statement should work. Did you try something like, Set(myName, "Jo")

Hi, CNT 

Thanks for reaching out. I don't quite understand the question on environment. I am on the same tenant id for both app except that one of the apps was in 1 domain - called it the x domain that requires 1st set of id for login and the other was in another domain that requires a 2nd but different set of id to login. Both apps were however on same tenant id.


I did a simple Set statement and then use the text input to display myName but blank was displayed. I also look at the Global variables link in Powerapps for that the problem app and they are all null whereas that for the working apps was showing the collect values set for the variables. Not sure what is going on. Please help!!!


@Jo_25 In your Tenant you can have any number of domains and logins. You don't need a separate App for each domain. But with a Tenant you can have more than one Power App Environments (see below) and in each Environment you can have n number of Apps. It is important you understand this concept,





Thanks for reaching out and providing me the documentation about different environments.  Its a good read. Actually, the migration of my apps from 1 login domain to another login domain is actually importing the apps that I exported and which was developed in our internet site (in cloud) available to our users to our intranet site (in cloud but have a different login) and not moving it from sandbox environment or test environment to a production environment as stated in the documentation.  We do not have any test and development environment set up. So therefore whatever developed is in production environment. I am really at a loss what to do now as the entire apps now does not work after I migrated and then reconnect it to a new team site but with the sharepoint lists having the same names as the first team site used to develop the working powerapps. Would appreciate your guidance or anyone on this. Many thanks in advance. 


Best regards 



@Jo_25 As I understand you have only 1 Tenant and 1 Power Apps Environment within the Tenant. In this tenant you may have have set up custom domains (, mycompany2. com...) and users may login using different domain names. But that should not affect you PowerApps or Sharepoint Lists. You had mentioned about Exporting and Importing. Could you please explain from where you are Exporting (and what) and where are you Importing it to Screen shot would be helpful)?

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