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Setting multiple toggles with a single toggle switch



I have a form with multiple toggles, and I would like to include a "toggle all" function where the user can change a single toggle to turn all the other toggles on or off simultaneously. 


Here's what I currently have -

On the master toggle:

OnCheck = Set(SelectedValue,"Yes");Set(ResetToggle,true)


OnUncheck = Set(ResetToggle,false)


On the slave toggles:

Reset = If(ResetToggle=true,false,true)

Default = Parent.Default


On the screen:

OnVisible = Set(SelectedValue,"");Set(ResetToggle,false)


The problem is, this seems to only set the slave toggles in one direction. I essentially want them to just follow the status of the master toggle, when it is moved, but then still allow for independent control of each individual toggle.


Any help is appreciated.

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Super User


Hi there!  I think the 1st step would be to ensure each time the master toggle is changed would be to turn the ResetToggle variable on & off as opposed to just one direction.  Let me know if this solves the issue.


On the master toggle:

OnCheck = Set(SelectedValue,"Yes");
Set(ResetToggle,true); Set(ResetToggle,false);


OnUncheck =  Set(ResetToggle,true); Set(ResetToggle,false)


On the slave toggles:

Reset = ResetToggle

Default = Parent.Default


On the screen:

OnVisible = Set(SelectedValue,"");Set(ResetToggle,false)



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You can use a variable is OnVisible of the screen;



Then insert a button to turn the Toggle on or off. OnSelect of the button put:


When you select the button, it will turn true and false.


On the Default of each Toggle put:



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Thanks for your recommendations. After implementing them, I now see no movement on the slave toggles at all when I move the master toggle. All formulas are accepted as valid, but no action occurs.



@eka24  Your solution does work, the only problem is it loses my ability to default to the parent item when opening an existing form. For example, if one toggle was previously saved in the off position, when I open that form in edit mode that toggle now automatically changes to on. Is there a way to do this, and keep "Parent.Default" functionality?

You can adjust the formula on Defaults aa.:



Please change the name of the form to your actual form name


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Helper III
Helper III

How would this work if you were using galleries and having the OnToggle patch a yes value to a SharePoint list? 


I'd like to have a master toggle in each gallery that the user can select to flip all the toggles to "yes" and then be able to flip only those needed back to "no" before writing back to the SharePoint list.


I have an app where I have multiple galleries (gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3) where I'm using a Toggle.


Default for the toggle is:

If(ThisItem.FDAApproved=true, true,false)

OnSelect the toggle patches back to the Applicants List_1

    'Applicants List_1',
    LookUp('Applicants List_1',ID=ThisItem.ID),


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