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Several forms from several lists in one PowerApp - not saving correctly



we have a SharePoint list "new employee" that has A LOT of columns and therefore the standard SharePoint form is very long. 

When a new employee will join the company different departments have todos.

I want to show all information to a new employee in ONE form, but I want to split it into different tabs. The fields on every tabs represent an own list.

I splitted the data into different SharePoint lists:

  •  main list "new employee" plus following "co"-lists
    • list "technical information" (accounts that have to be created, setting permissions, etc)
    • list "telecommunication" (telephone, fax (YES WE STILL NEED THAT), mobile, etc)
    • etc.

I managed to show on every tab the correct form from the list mentioned above. These lists are "connected" to the main employee in the main form. Every form of the "co-lists" is arranged as followed






DataSource = [SharePoint list that hosts the data (like technical information)]
Item = If(MainForm.Mode=FormMode.New, Defaults('technical information'), First(Filter('technical information', Title=DataCardValue4.Text)))






To save all forms at once I did the following for the main form (since we are only working in this form):






SubmitForm(FormTechnicalInformation); SubmitForm(FormEtc1);  SubmitForm(FormEtc2); 
ResetForm(FormTechnicalInformation); ResetForm(FormEtc1); ResetForm(FormEtc2); 
ResetForm (MainForm);






I will save, but not all information. The main form will be saved an FormEtc2, but for FormEtc1 it seems that it only saves values that are not correct. 

What am I missing?


I know that it would also be possible with a collection and loading the information from the other lists and then patch it back but I thought that this way would be easier. 

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Memorable Member

Use the same if statement in your submit forms.

Therefor you are only submitting the form you did work on.


If you are trying to submit changes based on all three that I would have the submit button visible base on changes to that form only.  You must submit before proceeding (this could be on your tabs)


Hi @leyburn19 ,


thank you for your response. I will add a "onchange"-information for the user. 

And it does work now. I put all "submitForms" to the "onsave"-Property of "SharePointIntegration" and now it works.

And I also have changed the default value for the field that will connect all forms. In my case that is the email of the user which is always unique. I had set it to a special value and changed it to parent.default. 

For further use I will also set an If-statement there.


Best regards


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