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SharePoint Custom Form in Document Library - Page Reload Requirement Issue



Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  I've got a few custom SharePoint forms in use, some for lists and some for document libraries.  Recently I've encountered some odd behavior on initial loading of a custom form.  Here's what's happening now and I don't know why:

  1. If I click the list item (i.e. to edit properties/metadata) the form opens every time with no issue.
  2. If I select the item first and open the details pane, then click "Edit All", nothing seems to happen.  But as soon as I close the details pane, then the custom form will appear with the correct list item selected.
  3. The above issue only happens the first time I try to initiate the form after navigating to the list!  The next time, it works as expected and the form opens when "Edit All" is clicked!  If I navigate to another list or library, then navigate back, the problem starts all over again as described in #2 above.
  4. For document libraries, behavior is similar but of course clicking the document directly opens the document itself so that's not an option to edit metadata.  For documents, if I select the document then open the details pane, the behavior is same as #2 above the first time I try edit document properties/metadata.  After that, it works as expected until I navigate away and back (even navigating to a different folder in the library will create the same issue).
  5. Also, for document libraries, if I select a document and click "Properties" (which should open the form in view mode), nothing  seems to happen on the first one I try.  But if I simply do something to open another pane - for example, clicking on the site settings (gear) icon to open setting dialog - the form will suddenly appear!  I can also reload the web page and try again and it will work as expected - until I navigate away and back again then same issue comes back.

I'm well aware of cache issues and the need to reload/refresh after publishing the app, but this seems to be something else.  I've tried other browsers, flushing the browswer cache/history, incognito mode, you name it.  Nothing changes this behavior and I think it's nuts to expect users to have to reload the web page every time they navigate to a new list or library (or folder within the library).


Any idea what is going on here and how to fix it?  It is suddenly affecting all of my integrated custom PowerApps forms and I don't think this was the case until recently.  Help!


P.S. - When I switch back to the standard SP form, it works as normal of course.  Behavior only affects the customized form.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @kldmld531 ,


I have a list customize form behaves exact the same as you described in the post. The difference between this list and others is I have set all columns to be non-required:



After setting the Title column to be required, the customize form behaviors fine. Please try my solution on your end.


Hope this helps.


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Jeffer Ni
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it.


Community Support Team _ Jeffer Ni

If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it.

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Hi @v-jefferni ,


Thanks for the input, but I tried your suggestion and it doesn't seem to help on either a list or document library.  My lists already had required fields (including Title), but even if I toggle them to optional and back to required there is no change in the behavior.  Same is true for the document library, toggling the Title field to required doesn't seem to help.


If there's another idea, I'm open to suggestions and willing to try.  Thanks to all in advance!

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Hi, just bumping this to see if anyone has any additional insight or ideas.  Thanks in advance!

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