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SharePoint Custom List form People Selector suddenly broken

After 90 versions, I notice that a custom list form that I had created in PA had suddenly "gone south." Specifically, the two people-selector controls only now display the Claims of the selected person as you type their name, not the DisplayName


I will refer to the field "Requestor", but this also applies to the other field, "Leader". Below you can see the field (since renamed "badRequestor" so that I could try recreating it.)

Bad People Control 1.png

I tried trouble-shooting by deleting and re-adding that field/control, but literally ANY other people controls that I add (even for fields/cards that have never been on the form) don't let you type ANYTHING; they only show a very generic list populated with "Item 1" through "Item 15" (and selecting anything from that list of choices doesn't return anything.)

Bad People Control 2.png

I really REALLY don't want to have to recreate this form, but I can't think of any more trouble-shooting that I can do. As I said, whether a recreate the control or whether I add a brand-new people picker to the list and then add THAT to the custom form, the form no longer will show a working people selector control.

Two fun facts:

  • Even with this malfunction, the list itself displays the DIsplayName properly when you select the Claims that appears as you type a name.
  • There is literally nothing special about either field or control. The cards weren't even unlocked.

Any ideas what went wrong or how I can maybe at least keep this form around so I can copy the good parts into a new one? (Bear in mind that this a "custom list form," not a "Canvas app," so can't just start another one without removing the first... or can I?)

Please help (or I'm going to have to recreate this over the weekend!)




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @MBoonie63 ,


It may be a temporary problem, I've only seen many similar posts in the past few days.  

Maybe you could try to click DisplayName once in the two dropdown options in the Fields pane of the Combo Box Control.  



Here are some links for your reference. 


Sorry for any inconvenience. 



Best Regards, 

Charlie Choi 

Regular Visitor

Thanks much, Charlie.

That was in fact the only way I was able to resolve this. I'm glad I didn't start over, because it seems it's affecting all my lists now. I was just surprised because I had literally done nothing to the form between the time it worked and the time it stopped. The cards were still locked, for crying out loud, and I had to unlock them to select "displayName." (I hate unlocking the cards to things like people controls and lookup controls because they are so much more trouble to customize than a straight text field.)

I wonder if this had anything to do with the debacle last week where MSs cloud services buggered up all kinds of authentication at my company (and probably others)? But if this is now "official" behavior, well played, Microsoft. Sneak it in and don't tell us.



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