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SharePoint List Update Person Field

I've been working on a form to update a person/group field on a SharePoint List.  I know how to do bulk edits to a list from within PowerApps but cannot figure out how to edit a Person or Group record since it is not a single value.


Here is what I'm trying as an OnSelect of a Button:

UpdateIf(List1, true, {Name: Office365Users.MyProfile()})

Where List1 is a SharePoint Online list that I have connected to my PowerApp. 

The error I receive is:

The type Record is invalid for column 'Name'; Record expected.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The only supported way to do this in PowerApps today is using a Form in conjunction with a lookup control, which will fill in the necessary fields for that Person or Group record. In your case, the reason why the formula is not working is because Office365Users.MyProfile() produces a record whose schema is incompatible with the schema expected by SharePoint.


For example, Sharepoint expects something like this for a Person record:


  {'@odata.type':text, Claims:text, Department:text, DisplayName:text, Email:text, JobTitle:text, Picture:url}


...while the MyProfile() invocation produces something like this:


  {AccountEnabled:bool, Department:text, DisplayName:text, GivenName:text, Id:text, JobTitle:text, Mail:text, MailNickname:text, Surname:text, TelephoneNumber:text, UserPrincipalName:text, mobilePhone:text}


Radu Gruian [MSFT] ** PowerApps Staff


Thanks for the response!

So in an attempt to use a Form and a Lookup I have an Edit Lookup that you can search and select a user from as seen below:



I named the DataSource box above 'Replace'.  After I have selected the Person I then have a button with the following formula:

UpdateIf(List1, true, {Name: Replace.Selected})

And get the same error:

The type Record is invalid for column 'Name'; Record expected.

So in this case I'm assuming the Selected value is a Person type record that would be sent back to SharePoint in the same format that it sends the record to PowerApps.

Do you know if there is a way for me to view the contents of `Replace.Selected` as a record similar to the format you mentioned {Field:type, Field:type, ... }?  That could help me debug my setup.



One easy way to view the record would be to collect it into a temporary collection, and subsequently visualize the collection via the Collections tab.


DebugButton.OnSelect = Collect(DebugColl, Replace.Selected)




Radu Gruian [MSFT] ** PowerApps Staff

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