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Advocate III

SharePoint customized powerapps form - expired list subscriptions growing but not deleted


I noticed on my SharePoint list using customized form (PowerApps), that when I refresh the page and open the form (clicking New for example), SharePoint list subscriptions keep getting new entries and it expires old entry but not deleted.

This means the SP list subscriptions will grow quickly with a lot of expired subscriptions. Once it hits the max limit (100) then it will stop other things to be published e.g. workflows.

    <category term="Microsoft.SharePoint.Webhooks.Subscription" scheme=""/>
    <link rel="edit" href="Microsoft.SharePoint.Webhooks.Subscriptione800e555-be50-4409-82ec-bf7a68a03d64"/>
    <content type="application/xml">
        <d:expirationDateTime m:type="Edm.DateTime">2019-07-22T00:52:22.261Z</d:expirationDateTime>
        <d:id m:type="Edm.Guid">7c1ba8e0-6149-401a-8feb-4fb9f3279f08</d:id>
        <d:resourceData m:null="true"/>

Is this a bug?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @crsnt 


How do you create your customized form?

Do you create as this?

I test on my side and can't reproduce the issue.

Could you try to clear cache and cookies or change other browsers to test?

Or could you please test with another list, is there the same issue?


Best Regards.


Yes I'm doing it through SP list -> PowerApps -> Customize form.
Below is the script that helps identifying how many expired subscriptions for a list. If I make modifications here and there, the result keeps growing. I then have to remove them.

    Remove expired webhooks from SharePoint list
    user must authenticate with SharePoint before running this script. See site in .LINKS for instructions
 param (
    [string]$siteurl = "<site>",
    [string]$listName = "<listname>"

$subscriptionsCount = 0
$expiredSubscriptionsCount = 0
$today = (Get-Date).ToUniversalTime()

Connect-PnPOnline –Url $siteurl

$subscriptions = Get-PnPWebhookSubscriptions -List $listName

foreach($subscription in $subscriptions) 
    if ((Get-Date $subscription.ExpirationDateTime) -lt $today) 
        Write-Host "Deleting subscription with expiration date:" $subscription.ExpirationDateTime

        #Remove-PnPWebhookSubscription -List $listName -Identity $subscription.Id -Force



Write-Host "Subscriptions count: " $subscriptionsCount
Write-Host "Expired subscriptions count: " $expiredSubscriptionsCount

- Deleted expired subscriptions again
- Click New on the list, I can see active subscriptions count increased.

- Changed one of my SP views, added column, then removed column
- Now I see some expired subscriptions again.

I will try customising other list in powerapps now.
@v-yuxima-msft confirmed. I customised my other list, then I ran my powershell:

Deleting subscription with expiration date: 5/08/2019 5:10:25 AM
Deleting subscription with expiration date: 5/08/2019 6:53:14 AM
Deleting subscription with expiration date: 5/08/2019 11:39:22 PM
Deleting subscription with expiration date: 7/08/2019 8:15:36 AM
Deleting subscription with expiration date: 7/08/2019 8:16:01 AM
Subscriptions count: 7
Expired subscriptions count: 5

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