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SharePoint drop down control doesn't start out blank...?

Fortunately I have been able to edit my power app based on a SharePoint list so that the values of a drop down come from another list. This enables the end user to 'select' verses tap out the values on their phone. It also helped me to create a cascading drop down scenario with two controls. However, there is one thing I can't figure out....which bothers me.


Here it is...

Although the default value of the drop down on the form is set to Parent.Default, the form still loads with the first possible selection loaded from the list of queried values. So imagine this...


Dropdown1 is pulling list values from a secondary list of selections on SharePoint (they will be entered into a single line text field once selected on the core list of the app). When the end user is ready to create a new item they press the new symbol, but when the new item form opens, Dropdown1 starts out with the first item in the list being shown as selected. Thus is bad because some people are lazy form filler-outters and will just leave it that way rather than dropping it down and deciding what the right selection is.


So, here is what I am asking: Can I set the Dropdown1 to start with nothing selected? I realize that I can put a value in the source list like "*Select a value here" but I don't want to have anything pre selected. Please help me.


Thank you in advance!



Power Participant
Power Participant

Hi, I have struggled with the same issue and have only found the workaround you identify, with an extra entry for "Select a value".

This is clearly unsatisfactory.


I suggest that you create a new suggestion in PowerApp Ideas to add the same properties that already exist for a TextInput control, namely HintText (or something like it) and the ability to leave the Default property blank.  The suggested behaviour is that when the Default is blank or set to a value which is not present in the Items then the selected property should return a Null and the control should display HIntText.

Thank you so much for understanding my pain. However, I don't actually see this as an enhancement (idea) but as a bug. Correct me if I'm wrong but the control has a property for setting the default value, and in this case that is set correctly to Parent.Default. The Parent.Default represents whatever is configured on the SharePoint List as the default value. In this case the configuration is correct but the Property Parent.Default seems to be broken. Do you disagree?


Thanks again,







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I know its a bit old but are there any updates?? I've set the default value in SharePoint but in PowerApp the lookup field is still empty. 



Thanks in advanced,


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @Anonymous

You probably need to set the correct text column in the Values box in the Advanced propoerties for the dropdown.

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Hi Meneghino,

thank you for the quick response. I'm able to see all items in the dropdown but if I what to create a new Item (NewForm) the dropdown stay empty and dont fill the default value from sharepoint.


Thanks again,


Community Champion
Community Champion

Then you need to start customising the form, which could be difficult.

What I normally do is to create my own forms from the controls, it is much easier in the end that customising forms.

Then all you need to do is to set the Items property to the choices and make sure you include a blank item in the list.


For example, create a dropdown control and set its Items property to:

[Blank(), "First choice", "Second choice"]

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