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SharePoint list "New Form" not submitting

I have created a SharePoint List and use PowerApps with it. In the PowerApps, I have a "New Form" screen and a "Edit Form" screen. I have all of the SharePointIntegration fields set up, but for some reason, when I go to save the "New Form" it doesn't submit the form. All of actions work for the "Edit Form", I can edit and save an existing sharepoint item.


I have several SharePoint Lists setup already that all use the same SharePointIntegration syntax. I copied and pasted from one of those. I'm not sure why it won't save. It doesn't give me any errors or anything, just nothing happens when "Save" is clicked.


Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

Super User
Super User

Hi @Anonymous ,

I can relate only my experience here, but SharepointIntegration was it seems designed for one screen interfaces. You can add extra ones, however I have had all sorts of issues using the built-in save functions from screens once moving from the first one. The solution however is simple - just put the save icon on the screen itself and don’t use the inbuilt items. You can add RequestHide() at the end to close.


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What do you mean when you say, "put the save icon on the screen itself and don't use the inbuilt items"? I tried to add a button that onselect does: "submitform(NewScreenForm)" and it still doesn't submit the form, it does the same thing as the inbuilt save button.

Ok @Anonymous ,

That has not been my experience, although it is a while since I tested one.

Happy to throw this one to a wider audience - I will tag one of my colleagues @Eelman  for an opinion.

Community Champion
Community Champion

@WarrenBelz Thanks for the tag mate.


@Anonymous I've no experience using SharePointIntegration so flying blind. I did have a brief read of the docs and I would tend to agree with @WarrenBelz in that these forms are meant for single screen apps only, but I could be wrong?


The docs seem to show ways to manage both Edit & New all in the same form, at least that's my read of what they are saying.


The only other thing I can think of is 'Required Fields' ie in NewMode are you filling in all the required fields? PowerApps Forms will generally give you a warning if you don't do this but not sure about SPIntegration forms.


Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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@Eelman @WarrenBelz 


Thank you both for your feedback.


I changed the form to only include New to see if it would save then. Now I'm getting the error "Skip to main content" when trying to save a new form.. Do you know how to fix that?

Community Champion
Community Champion


Sorry, but I've reached the limit of my knowledge here. Maybe @WarrenBelz can assist you further or even one of the MS team @v-xida-msft ?

Ok @Anonymous and @Eelman ,

I went back to basics to prove fundamentally you can save from another screen - I have a test list (I got it from  PowerApps in a Day course), so I did two screens on the list. The first screen saved from the built-in control











The second on saved from the icon with a simple SubmitForm and then a RequestHide() to close it, so the behaviour is not inherent from saving from another screen.

I do know however as @Eelman has noted, the system was never built for this, so some unexpected behaviour is probably predictable. I am not sure where to go from here as I cannot recreate your structure - any thoughts?


Oh, wow, thank you. I had the same problem and would have never thought of this solution if I hadn't read your reply. It's bizarre that in-built buttons don't work but what you suggested did the job! Thank you again 

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