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SharePoint list with PowerApps to get user security groups

Hello everyone,


i am trying to build an app within SharePoint, a list, where if the user opens it, he should be able to see in which security groups he is a member of... (there will be 10-20, so I will need to filter it, and they will be also in a separate list so i can offer it to a user if he wants to assign his account to those new groups (export to csv, powershell,...etc.)).

The problem i see is that i dont know how to show the user where is he currently a member. Of course thers Azure AD Connector but just found out that it requires Admin accounts for every end user, dead end, no way. Office365 Connector cant do such stuff.... any other idea?

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You could use the Office 365 Groups connector.

2020-01-11 14_50_02-Inventory Tracking - Saved (Unpublished) - Power Apps.png

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hi @Anonymous , thanks sounds interesting but it seems to handle only 365groups, i need to manage old school security groups that i can then use also in sharepoint...


Yes, as you said, Office365Group connector can only get Office365 type groups.

If you want to get security type groups, the only way is using Azure AD connector.

To use the Azure AD connector, the account needs to have the following administrator permissions:

1. Group.ReadWrite.All
2. User.ReadWrite.All
3. Directory.ReadWrite.All

If you don't want to assign admin permissions, my idea is to store user-group relationships in a custom database, update it regularly. Then the app retrieves the user's group based on that database. The administrative maintenance of the database is a bit cumbersome, but it works.


@v-siky-msft  not sure how you mean that but i was thinking a lot about this and have a theory... 


this gives you a list of all users that are in a certain group XY (lets call it LGM formula)



if i could make a formula that works like below, i would get a feedback on where i am a member at least for office365Groups

IF current user is in this list LGM = yes


then create a dropdown where content is filled by all lists where LGM=yes...


however nothing really works so no idea... i gave up on security groups and try to get at least 365groups but the problem is that i see only one formula listOwnedgroups where user must be owner... i need that for members as well....

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