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SharePoint rich text field as HTML text in PowerApps incl hyperlinks

I am using PowerApps to view SharePoint list items that have a rich text field that includes hyperlinks, so when I present those fields in PowerApps I have to switch the default text field for an HTML text field and insert "Parent.Default" as the HTML text data.


If the hyperlinks in those SharePoint fields point to external web links then all is fine but when those links point to other parts of the same SharePoint site, SharePoint automatically crops the part and the link then reads, e.g. /sites/name/sitepages/content.aspx.


Since PowerApps was asked to read the SharePoint field exactly, those shortened links don't work. The links are interpreted as


I am looking for a SharePoint or PowerApps fix here.


This query proves very difficult to search for because its keywords are generally used in other contexts so if anyone can remember where a similar discussion took place I'd be happy to go there instead. Thanks for reading!


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So this works brilliantly. I will continue to look for a SharePoint fix but I imagine this will work for some time.


Thank you so much!

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Thats the beauty (well...) of SharePoint. 🙂


What if you run a substitute on the PowerApps side on all links? All Sharepoint links will start with /sites/ which means you can do this:



It will, of course, mess upp correct links that happen to include "/sites/" but that can be prevented by:


if("http" in var_URL, var_URL, substitute(var_URL,"/sites/",""))

That line will return the url if it already includes "http" and otherwise it will fix the broken url.


Quite ugly, but i think it will fly.

So this works brilliantly. I will continue to look for a SharePoint fix but I imagine this will work for some time.


Thank you so much!

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Please mark as solution.

I'm  still having problems with this solution. In the HtmlText field I'm using:




The is a critical function for my app


Thanks in advane





Thank you,

this Substitute was what I was looking for as my RTF field does cut URL links as stated before.




I hope Microsoft will soon fix the hyperlink issue with SharePoint from PowerApps.


Super help

Hello @MagnusGöransson 
This solution is working for apps I open in Chrome (and the chromium-based Edge browser). Unfortunately, even though the URL is now fixed, images which are stored in Sharepoint, displayed in a Rich Text Field using the HTML text, are still not visible in my app when I try using the mobile app, windows app or view it in Internet Explorer.

Inspecting the image properties shows it has a correct link (using your proposed substitute fix), as it should. Any ideas???



Yes, there is a fix for that, but it is also quite ugly. The problem is that the image is not loaded through the connector which means that the app is not authenticated when it load the image. In the browser you are logged on, when using the desktop computer but not when using the mobile device.

You need to force the image to be loaded using the SharePoint connector. That can be accomplished by using this solution described here:

I realize you say to run this on the PowerApps side but my content is pulling from a SharePoint list.  Where am I to add this variable?  

Thank you. 

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I am trying to implement the solution from above.  I have an HTMLtext field in PowerApps, connected to a multiline text field in SharePoint.  I am trying to append the correct path string to my img src link to get it to work.  I think the substitute function is the way to go, but when i tried to get that in my Power App, I get errors on the function.  It is not recognizing parent.default for the html text.   any thoughts?

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