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Helper I

SharePointIntegration: Error SelectedHidden

I created a custom SharePoint list form using PowerApps. Everything worked fine until I wanted to change the form today. The error I get the moment I open the form in PowerApps is the following:

Name isn't valid. This identifier isn't recognized. This error appears most commonly when a formula refers to something that no longen exists (for example, a control that you've deleted).

Location: SharePointIntegration.SelectedHidden


A second issue appears as well:

Invalid argument type. Location: SharePointIntegration.SelectedHidden


When I republish an earlier version the error disappears. Opening the form with PowerApps again immediately shows the errors. There is nothing I can do to make the errors go away. It does not point to any changeable fields.


This happend to me before on a different list. To solve this issue I created a new list but as it turns out, the issue reappears. 


The only difference I can see is the Power Apps release version which changed between the different versions of the app.

Does anyone no what is wrong here? Am I doing something wrong?

Community Support
Community Support

Thank you for your response.


I've read that post but as the app is a SharePoint form I cannot export it. The other solution mentioned in the post, recreating the app, is not a future proof solution as it happend before on another list. The app concerned in this post is the actual replacement of that list.


Is there another way to fix the app?

Community Support
Community Support



Go to Sharepoint list - List Setting - Form Setting - see versions and usage, then you will be able to export the package.


If you want further assistance, please submit a Support Ticket to Microsoft. 


Great! It din't know that was possible.


I followed the steps suggested in the article you referred to and found the file. However, the reference is still correct. Which app gets exported? The live version is the correct app. The current version is the broken one. 

Advocate II
Advocate II

I am having exactly the same problem om several lists since this week. Were you able to solve it?

For that specific account the issue keeps coming back. As a workaround I shared the app with a secondary (test) account and tried to modify it. The secondary account does not show the error. In that way I am able to still edit the app and publish updates.

Regular Visitor

I had the same issue as before. My list had also been renamed but didn't immediately get the error. 

Default action should be to restore a previous version of the form but mine was older than 6 months which doesn't work, which is stupid as it was my previous published version. 


So for the people who tried the solution above with export and where all the data source names are ok, you can try the following: 


0) Export your broken app so you always have a copy, even if it doesn't work

1) create a new list with custom powerapp, which is temporary. Edit this powerapp, match size to your other powerapp and remove all items from the form. 

2) open your powerapp that is broken. Select all items on the form and copy them using CTRL + C. 

3) go to your empty temporary app, CTRL + V (and yes magically all fields with all properties are copied). 

4) Go to the list of your broken app, list settings, form settings and Remove the powerapp from the list. 

4) Make sure the name of the list matches the name of the data source set for the fields in your powerapp again. (if you've renamed the list, rename it back and live with it! Or be prepared to relink all fields to a new datasource

5) create a new blank powerapp for your list, match size with your previous app

6) Go to your temp app, CTRL + C

7) go to your new app, CTRL + V

😎 if you've made sure the data source name is correct in step 4, all fields should be linked correctly and you can just republish your app. 


Note: if you have multiple data sources, collections, images, ... you'll need to re-create these. 

For me the fields and its properties were the biggest effort so this worked for me. 


Hope it helps someone!



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