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Sharepoint List form - red x's and disappearing data



I am having an issue with my customized form for a Sharepoint List. This seems to be an error that many other people have had based on a quick search, but I have not seen any consistent fix for it.


The issue:

  • Basically the same as the issue here (marked as solved but it doesn't appear to be resolved for anyone):
  • I was using my form today and noticed that when I saved the form, much of the data did not save. So I went into the form in powerapps and got several red x's on most of my fields  with the message "the data source supplied to the function is invalid"
  • This is also accompanied by a yellow warning for the form that gives the warning seen in the screenshot.


Has anyone else had this issue recently and what do you do to resolve it? This is affecting a business process and it will be really unfortunate if we can't get the form to consistently work/save data.




Dual Super User III
Dual Super User III

How many items are in the SharePoint list using this customized form?  And what values are being used for the Data source and Item properties in SharePoint integration?

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Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

So the delegation warning I have certainly come across before and that is something you will need to be worried about on a case by case basis.


So are you dealing with less than 500 items and it will never grow beyond that then great, ignore.


So are you dealing with 500 - 2000 items and it will never grow beyond that then great, increase the limit by way of File > Advanced Settings > Set to 2000, save and ignore.


So are you dealing with 2000 plus items, you will need to find alternative formulas to achieve the same thing in a delegable way or a crafty, do something to so many items within the limit and then the rest, so a sort of pagination.


Now the yellow warning I think has just been noticed and has no bearing on the actual more severe issue at hand, so my two pence for that one is have many changes been made to the SP list. If so, I would be tempted to edit the app, view data sources, refresh the SP list, save and republish.




Also if that fails is it just the default submitform to make the save, with no custom cards?


Or are you using the Patch function?


If you make the same entry data wise directly in SP, is that fine?

Hi @Pstork1  - I am assuming by "items" you mean List items/rows (as opposed to fields/columns), is that correct? We just began using it, so there are only two List items. Here are the sharepoint integration properties:




@HenryARPhillips - So far there are only 2 list items because we just began using it. It will likely be years before we get in the 500-2000  items range. I have refreshed the list as well but when I open the form again the errors are back. I also saw that someone recommended setting the OnVisible property of the Form Screen to Refresh('Data Source Name'). I'm not sure if that will work in the future, but it still makes me a bit uneasy because the errors are still showing up. I also tried removing the fields and adding them back.


There are no "custom cards" per se, but I have added text description labels to certain fields and so they are now labeled as custom cards.


I'm not sure what the Patch function is as I'm fairly new to this, so I think I'm probably not using it 🙂


What do you mean by this: "If you make the same entry data wise directly in SP, is that fine?"



I just meant if it is something that would not work via the app, if you just entered the data directly in the SP List, which I doubt it would make a difference but a worthwhile troubleshooting step if nothing else.


Have there been any name changes in the SharePoint List, since creating the app?


Can you show me what it says for the error, like where you have selected the delegation warning in the health checker. Can you select one of the errors and show what it says?


You could also, go to the SP List and create a new Power App off the back of it and just confirm if a new one from scratch works that way?

Dual Super User III
Dual Super User III

Sorry, I meant the Item property of the form object.  It will look like this


If yours is similar then the delegation warning is coming from the use of first().  Although first() is non-delegable it really doesn't matter because it returns the first record.  Even if your data source exceed the data row limit the first record won't change.  So unless you've modified this you can just ignore the delegation warning in this case.


When I've seen this happen its usually because the SharePointIntegration.Selected property isn't populating correctly.  Doing a Refresh(DataSource) in OneVisible is one way to try to overcome this, although that is just a quick fix and really doesn't address the problem.  If this continues and you haven't changed the Forms default Item property you may need to open a service call to see why the SharePointIntegration.selected property isn't stable.

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Just to be clear, he's asking about a SharePoint list integrated form, not a standalone Power App.

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Regular Visitor

I'm having a similar issue when importing a select choice from sharepoint, the little red x appears on all my select dropdowns and I have to delete them and add them back to edit the form. How do you fix this?

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