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Helper III

Sharepoint calendar- edit form on powerapps sync issue

@WarrenBelz ,


I am having an issue with the edit form in powerapps.  When I click on the calendar date with an event, it loads the correct time, but not incorrect AM/PM.  Then if I only update say the starting time of the event, and leave the ending time unchanged, it removes the ending time altogether.  When ending time in powerapps is removed, the whole event is deleted in sharepoint.  Below are screenshots:



I initially click into an event to edit the time:

When i click in an event to edit.When i click in an event to edit.

The times look good, but instead of PM, it is showing AM.

When I clicked into edit, it is still showing AM and not PM.  The times are OK.When I clicked into edit, it is still showing AM and not PM. The times are OK.

I initially changed from 2 to 1 and that went through fine.  The second time i changed to 3 AM and did not touch the end times.  When I click into edit the event, the end time is removed.

When I changed starting time to 3, and left ending time unchanged, and go back into event, the end time is removedWhen I changed starting time to 3, and left ending time unchanged, and go back into event, the end time is removed

When i click in to see the end time is defaulted to 2001 and times are defaulted too.  In sharepoint, the event is deleted altogether.  

Then when i go in to edit, the end time is defaulted to 2001 and times are defaulted as well.  The event is deleted altogether in sharepoint.Then when i go in to edit, the end time is defaulted to 2001 and times are defaulted as well. The event is deleted altogether in sharepoint.

Hope you can help. Thanks.



Most Valuable Professional
Most Valuable Professional

Hi @UC3378 ,

Could you please supply the Update code in both date controls DataCards and the code on the OnSelect of the buttons. Also the DataSource and Item of the Form.

@WarrenBelz ,


Here are the values:


Update property/Start Time_DataCard1:


DateValue1.SelectedDate + Time( If(Dropdown13.Selected.Value = "PM", 12, 0) + Mod(Value(HourValue1.Selected.Value), 12), Value(MinuteValue1.Selected.Value), 0)


Update property/End Time_DataCard1:


DateValue2.SelectedDate + Time( If(Dropdown15.Selected.Value = "PM", 12, 0) + Mod(Value(HourValue2.Selected.Value), 12), Value(MinuteValue2.Selected.Value), 0)


OnSelect property on the pencil edit icon to open the event to edit:


Set(_popup, false);        //make view event gallery group not visible
Set(_EditPopup, true);  //make edit form visible


Clicking pen icon to bring up the edit formClicking pen icon to bring up the edit form


OnSelect property on the save button of the edit form:


SubmitForm(EditForm); Set(_EditPopup, false);
ClearCollect(TestCol, Sort(Filter(TestCal, DateValue(Text('Start Time')) > 0 ), EventDate, Ascending));   

//TestCol is collection that holds all events present in the TestCal calendar in sharepoint.  I added this as a way of refreshing the TestCol when a new event is added or updated.  

Save button to save updatesSave button to save updates


Datasource property of the edit form:


TestCal    //sharepoint calendar


Item property of the edit form:


Gallery5.Selected    //Gallery5 is the gallery I used to display the selected event when i click on the day in the calendar


//This is Gallery5 used to display the selected event(s) on that particular day: 

This is Gallery5This is Gallery5


Thank you!

Most Valuable Professional
Most Valuable Professional

Thanks @UC3378 ,

Your SubmitForm should simply write the Update properties of the date controls back to data source (SharePoint) except the data source of the edit form is the collection TestCal, not the SharePoint list. 

I believe that you need to either Patch/UpdateIf the contents of the collection to the SharePoint item or change the data source to the list item. Can you please explain more of your logic on the collection?




@WarrenBelz ,


Sorry if I made it confusing.  TestCal is the sharepoint calendar, and TestCol is the collection.  Here is the logic:


1) When the app is first loaded, all the TestCal sharepoint calendar events are copied into the TestCol Collection.  This is how the powerapp calendar is able to show the events. 


2) I would click into a specific day of the calendar if I wanted to modify an event.  


3) If I want to modify an event, I click the day containing that event on the calendar, Gallery5 loads with the items filtered from the TestCol collection.  It is filtered by 'Start Time' = _dateSelected.  So it only shows the records with the day i selected on the calendar.  Multiple events could be shown for each particular day. 


4) I would click on the pencil edit icon to modify a particular event from that day.  It will open the Edit Form.  The Edit Form's Item is Gallery5.Selected.  So the Edit Form will populate whatever I selected to edit from the previous Gallery5 screen.  The DataSource of the Edit Form is the TestCal SharePoint calendar.  


5) Once I am done modify an event (change the date or time), I would hit the save button.  The save button submits the Edit Form back to the TestCal Sharepoint calendar.  Then I do a ClearCollect to refresh the TestCol collection, so fresh data is copied from the TestCal sharepoint calendar to the TestCol collection.  The new and updated events are then shown on the powerapps calendar.  


I think the AM/PM drop down is not getting updated when the Edit Form loads the items from the collection.  Then when I submit form, whichever DataCard (mostly End Time Datacard) is not modified, it throws an error or it defaults it back to 2001. Below is my TestCol collection.


The TestCol collection showing the start time  (EventDate) and the end time (EndDate)The TestCol collection showing the start time (EventDate) and the end time (EndDate)


Sorry if I confused you, I hope this explains it some more.  Thank You for your help. 

Most Valuable Professional
Most Valuable Professional

Hi @UC3378 ,

Sorry for the late response - when you mention SharePoint Calendar, I assume you are referring to a normal List with dates etc in it.

How are you loading and storing Events?

Hi @WarrenBelz ,


Sorry for the late reply.  I have not been able to work on my app because my environment is missing. I have put a ticket into MS so i'm waiting.  I might even have to wait on my issue with the app.  I found something in my app that could warrant my immediate attention.  Perhaps you can help me with that?


So the problem is when i create a multi event in sharepoint, say 4 day event.  When the list is copied over to PA into a collection, it is showing up as one record with the start and end date.  But the way I am structuring in my calendar, I want each event to show up on the calendar as a label within a gallery.  The problem is it only sees the start and end date so anything in between it doesn't see so it does not populate with the event on the calendar.  So long story short, I'm thinking of adding the in between event days into the collection by using ForAll and if statements and maybe even With function.  The problem is I also need to use an incrementor with the Set() but it can't be within a ForAll.  It's just frustrating there are so many limitations.  I know its hard for me to describe my current issue without showing you much but how can I increment a variable within a ForAll without using Set?



Most Valuable Professional
Most Valuable Professional

Hi @UC3378 ,

I understand generally your requirement.

While you are waiting to test this, have a look at the DateAdd and DateDiff functions, which can set dates before or after and tell you the number of days in between.

@WarrenBelz ,


Thanks for helping.  I have used DateDiff but I think DateAdd will be able to help me.  I also for incrementing without using Set function, it might be helpful to populate a collection with each row containing numbers from 1 - whatever.  I will let you know how it goes when i get my account back. Thanks again.

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