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Sharepoint forms customized shows last form loaded

I am working with a client on their Sharepoint form we are customizing with PowerApps.  I have observed this behavior on a complex form, and then again on ea very simple form in the process of testing. 


When accessing forms, it is always the case that when the form loads, it is showing me the previous data , for perhaps a 1 - 2 seconds.  So If I am accessing a form for Tom Green, and submit.  As soon as I EITHER click the new form button, or I access another form, Tom Green data will appear briefly.  


This issue is not a problem per-say, as the data does not stick, but it is creating a lack of confidence with the users as they think there is a issue with the form, or they will be changing data for another form.  Its all about perception.  Ideally, when clicking a new form, it would be blank  from the start, and when accessing any of the other forms, we would not see a brief "ghost" of the previous form loading. 


Is this normal behavior we need to adjust to, or is there a solution to this?  It is difficult to search on this phenomenon as it is difficult to describe and get related search results.  It may be I an not phrasing the issue well in the search engines. 


I've seen wrong data being displayed when the page is refreshed F5.  If I then view another record the data is correct for that record and other records after that. 

Helper I
Helper I

Brand new to PowerApps using SharePoint List as the datasource.   This is a hit and miss with creating a "New Item".  Sometimes it loads as it should with blank column values, other times it loads with whatever the previous item (from someone else entering even).    This is using a customized form.  Did anyone solve this issue?

Helper V
Helper V

Same problem here. Really frustrating there still isn't a fix for this 2 years later.

Helper I
Helper I

It seems to happen ONLY when the user has to press the "Allow" for the connections and is creating a new entry.    We've tried to use the powershell script to bypass consent, but somehow that keeps getting set back to requiring consent.   


I have modified the code for the "SharePointForm1" - "Item" property from "If(IsBlank(SharePointIntegration.Selected) || IsEmpty(SharePointIntegration.Selected),First([@'CITEation Awards']),SharePointIntegration.Selected)" to just "SharePointIntegration.Selected".   This at least doesn't bring up a previous/bogus row, but instead just gets stuck on the "Getting Data".  They then hit the cancel button, go back in and everything is fine.    So frustrating basic stuff like this doesn't work.    Somehow, it loses its mind when that "connection" needs to be allowed the first time.

having the same problem- the list and form was working fine then when I republished the other day its now loading the same item for everything? Does anyone have any update on this please?

Unfortunately, I never found a resolution for this. In my experience customizing the SP list form with Power Apps is just extremely buggy, and not fit for production. Like you, I've noticed that the problems always reappeared after publishing an update. In my case they would eventually resolve themselves days or weeks later, but not through anything I had done. Then they'll come back again the next time I publish.


In my case I've had to resort to creating canvas apps, running outside of the SharePoint list form. I do not experience these issues with that setup.


If you are able to, I would recommend opening a case with Microsoft. They need to accept that these bugs exist, and they are the ones that need to fix it.

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

I have found the same issue, and I came across a simple solution. Instead of using ResetForm in several places, open the form in PowerApps, and look for the main form's "DisplayMode". By default, it should show as "Edit". Change it to "New", and any new form will appear blank. Note that if a user opens one form, then opens another, the previous forms values may show for a split second. I'll see if I can find something to fix this, too. HTH!


Steve in Spain

New Member

I got this solved for my app. The issue is that the form is reading the variable "SelectedItemID" so on the navigation (on success of submit or on select of the back button) then you need to clear the variable.


This can be done by having "Set(SelectedItemID,Blank())".

So my back button looks like this on select:



Set function in Power Apps - Power Platform | Microsoft Learn

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