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Shoutouts error

Hi there, I hope someone can help me with this:


I am getting this error because I guess most of my users doesn't have a picture ID, if so how can I solve this issue? 




i just found this thread. has anyone been able to fix this issue?

other than uploading fake avatar pictures to all accounts is there a fix for this?
Is there a way to just suppress the error?

if so how?
I saw this If(Office365Users.UserPhotoMetadata(ThisItem.Id).HasPhoto=false,SampleImage,Office365Users.UserPhoto(ThisItem.Id))


where in the app should we use this?

Yes this is actually an issue within the Shoutout Application.


The issue is that Office365 pulls in Terminated Employees and O365 Group Codes. I spoke to someone at microsoft a month or two back and they started correcting the error. They told me last week that it was suppose to have been fixed. To test my theory add departments into the formula "On start". After that simply change a data card to "Thisitem.Department" like where it shows the persons job title "Default". I did this on the search bar so i could look for old employees. Which is where the error is at.... Since a group code doesnt have a department removing "Terminated" employees would remove group codes." 




"On Start" of the application I added this formula and it removed those people from my top contacts. As far as the formula is concerened. Originally Terminated Employees would show as "Terminated" which I was able to write those out. However, microsoft changed it to "NULL" and i could not write it out for some reason. So i came up with this formula to cover my all possible ways. It might be redundant but it works for me. 


Remove(People,Filter(People,Or( IsBlank(Department),Department ="null",Department =" ",Department="NULL",Department="Terminated")));

Hye @cma2438 Thank you so much for your help here.

I tried to add that formula, to my on Screen, but maybe i am doing it wrong.
I can't get department without the squiggly lines. 

Your's looks different than mine too:

//presets the footer menu selection in ActivityFeedScreen
Set(_activityFeedFilter, {Row: 1, Tab: "Activity", ImageSelected: 'activity-f-106', ImageUnselected: 'group-white'}),
Set(_myProfile, Office365Users.MyProfile());
ClearCollect(MyRelevantPeopleTemp, Office365Users.RelevantPeople(_myProfile.Id).value);
//Renames all the RelevantPeople columns from camelCase to PascalCase, adds an IsInternal column to determine if the person is a fellow employee or outside the org, and drops unused columns like birthday, personNotes, etc.
ClearCollect(MyRelevantPeople, DropColumns(AddColumns(AddColumns(RenameColumns(MyRelevantPeopleTemp, "displayName", "DisplayName", "jobTitle", "JobTitle", "userPrincipalName", "UserPrincipalName", "givenName", "GivenName", "id", "Id"), "Mail", First(scoredEmailAddresses).address, "isInternal", Trim(Lower(companyName)) = Trim(Lower(_myProfile.CompanyName)) || Lower(_myDomain) = Lower(Right(UserPrincipalName, Len(UserPrincipalName) - Find("@", UserPrincipalName)))), "Photo", If(isInternal && Office365Users.UserPhotoMetadata(Id).HasPhoto, Office365Users.UserPhoto(Id), 'profilepic-generic-user')), "birthday", "companyName", "department", "imAddress", "isFavorite", "officeLocation", "personNotes", "phones", "profession", "scoredEmailAddresses"));
Set(_myProfilePhoto, If(Office365Users.UserPhotoMetadata(_myProfile.Id).HasPhoto, Office365Users.UserPhoto(_myProfile.Id), 'profilepic-generic-user'));

//If user has already sent shoutouts, skip them to ActivityFeedScreen
If(Not(IsBlank(LookUp(Shoutout,CreatorEmail = _myProfile.UserPrincipalName).CreatorEmail)), Navigate(ActivityFeedScreen, None)),

Is it possible we have different versions?


For me the error continue: After open the app I am getting:


Office365Users.UserPhoto failed: An error ocurred dutring parsing the response.


Now the good news is only that pop up warning came one time only. before it was many pop up windows as many users I had.


Picture profile = If(IsBlank(ThisItem.Photo), 'profilepic-generic-user', ThisItem.Photo)


If(ThisItem.Id = "Example", 'profilepic-generic-user', Not(IsBlank(ThisItem.RecipientEmail)),If(IsBlank(Office365Users.UserPhoto(ThisItem.RecipientEmail)),'profilepic-generic-user',Office365Users.UserPhoto(ThisItem.RecipientEmail)))

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