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Resolver III
Resolver III

Show/Hide based on two values

Ok so this works Visible=(DataCardValue5.Value=true)||(Value(DataCardValue6.Text) >20)

I am trying to put in a label that is the opposite so when these are not true the label shows instead.


If I have the DataCardValue5.Value=true it works fine. The issue comes when I enter the second section. 

This is what I am trying to use but is not working. 

Visible=(DataCardValue5.Value=false)||(Value(DataCardValue6.Text) <=20)


Accepted Solutions

I got it to work using &&

!DataCardValue5.Value && Value(DataCardValue6.Text) <=20

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Super User
Super User

Hello @send2mark !!


Can you please explain the logic for this statement Value(DataCardValue6.Text) >20. What exactly are you trying to do ?



If the number is more than 20 then other labels will show giving more direction. If it is 20 or under then I want other labels to show.


DataCardValue5.Value=false || (Value(DataCardValue6.Text)<=20 && !IsBlank(DataCardValue6.Text))

Does this solve your issue ? 


Cheers !!


if(DataCardValue5.Value=false || (Value(DataCardValue6.Text)<=20,true,false)

Put above coding in your visible property  (what do you need to show visible)
Above coding / condition is true, Visible true, false means visible false.


if you need to change 20 or less visible false means use below code

if(DataCardValue5.Value=false || (Value(DataCardValue6.Text)<=20,false,true)​​

I hope, your problem will be resolved.

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This is making me crazy. I can only seem to do one or the other, not both at the same time, and using the if statement says there is an error and suggests that I revise it.

Super User
Super User


Just to stick my nose in, There is no need for an If() statement in a Visible property. 

Value(DataCardValue6.Text<=20)  and  DataCardValue5.Value each reduce to true or false

so if you want to show your label simply

!DataCardValue5.Value || Value(DataCardValue6.Text) <=20 should be sufficient

When I click into these they both say false. So if they both say false it should not show correct?



Super User
Super User


So if the logic is correct and they both show false what else could it be?

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