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Advocate II
Advocate II

Show and update the form/table based on number of records in another table which is linked by field

Hi Everybody!

Sorry for propably unclear subject (i really don't how to described it clearly in couple of words). I want to ask you for help with a following case:

1) Let's assume that in CDM we have an entity called "EquipmentTable" that consist of 2 mandatory and not unique fields: Brand and Equipment (except of title(recID) and system ones). Each brand could have many-to-many equipment and this is specified as a records in this table
(Example: 5 records {Brand: B1, Equipment: E1}, {Brand: B1, Equipment: E2}, {Brand: B2, Equipment: E2}, {Brand: B2, Equipment: E3}) , {Brand :B3, Equipment: E4}) 

2) The second entity is called "Cars" that also consists of 2 custom fileds CarID (Unique, Mandatory) and Brand (Mandatory). Brand is the same as in EquipmentTable. (Each record is a particular Car which exists e.g. in a warehouse and its brand also stored here)
(Example: 4 records {CardID: 01, Brand: B1}, {CarID: 02, Brand: B2}, {CarID:03, Brand: B2), {CarID:04, Brand: B3))

3) And also we have 3rd entity called "EquipmentCheck" which has 3 fields CardID (Mandatory), Equipment (Mandatory), Existance (Boolean Y/N, Mandatory). The first two fields are the same as in previous entities, and the purpose of this entity is to store the actual existance of equipment in a specific car according to the specification of equipment for each brand (in EquipmentTable).
Before the start this entity is empty.

The purpose of my app is:
Depending of the Car selected by user (using CarID), app on its screen should show the list of equipment that shoud exist in the car acroding to its brand and EquipmentTable records, and beside this list  should be a check-box contorls (one for each equipment shown) where the user should select whether this equipment was acutlally found in this particular car during inspection. The result of the user inspection should be stored on "EquipmentCheck" table.

Example: The user selects the CardID = 01. On the next screen he see the following list of Equipments: E1 and E2 (brand as a link). He only founds E1 during inspection . And by pressing OK the result are stored in EquipmentCheck table - 2 records: {CarID: 01, Equipment: E1, Existance: YES}, {CarID: 01, Equipment: E2, Existance: NO}. If user selects CarID=04 there sould be only one Equipment (E4) in a list and one check-box for it

My questions is: Is it possilbe to create such App in PowerApps? and if yes, please advice me what is the best way to do so! 
I was trying to make it using the forms/gallery and filters but i really struggle with dynamic number of check-boxes and updating of one source based on the recods in two others. I want to know the general idea (with a simple example if  possilbe) how to make such apps.

P.S. The example was intentionally simplified. You should consider that the each brand could have a different number of equipment (in some cases, equipment could be also the same for two brands) and the Cars and EqupipmentTable entites have already filled before inspection. If some other details are requied, just let me know.

Thanks in advance. I will appreciate any help. Should say that PowerApps seems to have a great future)

Advocate II
Advocate II

Any Ideas?

This you achive your requirement? If yes, could you share how did you make?

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