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Helper II

Show values from an item selected on a gallery on same screen

Hi there

I have a gallery pulling from items in a sharepoint list. Ive filtered the gallery to only show where the logged in user is the owner and next to this I have a form for the user to update showing the fields from the item in the sharepoint list. 

When I changed the gallery "items" to filter the gallery the arrow then stopped working and the edit form will not show the item I have clicked on. 

Would really appreciate some help with this as its driving me mad ! 🙂




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The Fix has been rolled out and my apps are working again. We back on a stable version so you should check out your apps. Save and re-publish them.

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Helper V
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Resolver I

Hi @DeeDor,


If you view the 'OnSelect' property of the Gallery arrows, has the Navigate element been deleted? Maybe the gallery functionality has been reset.



Yes.. the value is missing and Ive tried numerous things. On select I want it to show the items from the selected item in the edit form. 

Thanks for that info.... Any workaround that you know of ? 

Not sure on a workaround, waiting on MS Powerapps team to finish the rollout fix which address this particular issue. 

Hi @ajennings1 


Ive changed the value back to select(Parent) but still no joy. Im not sure the app issue that @Raynok1  has mentioned should be affecting me as Im using the web browser and gallery select is working in other apps. 

Any ideas ? 

Thanks in advance 🙂





So just to clarify, in your gallery's arrow 'OnSelect' property, if the edit form is on another screen, the property should be: Navigate(<your screen name>). Then in your edit form's 'Item' property should be equal to: Gallery1.Selected.


Check and see if this is the only problem.



@ajennings1  : You correct, that the right logic to apply in the app. 

However there is global or large group of app makers effected by an update that occured last evening. 


Even if you create new app from the data source, the app is not behaving as it should. This is what the powerapps team is trying to fix. 


The issue is experienced on the web browser and phone. I have yet to check with the tablet layout. 

Hi @ajennings1 

The edit form is on the same screen. Ive attached an image. 



Gallery and edit item on same screenGallery and edit item on same screen

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