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ShowColumns with yes/no column not working?

Hello everyone, lets see if someone can give me a hand.

I have two tables in dataverse, one that contains some items. and a second one that  uses a forall() and collect for local gallery, from the first table to create daily items.  Both tables have a Yes/No column, Then what i want to do is at the end of my app i update the first "main" list with the value from the daily list/collection.

For speed purpose i do this:


Patch('Lodd Lager Hall', ShowColumns(colLodd, "cr17e_lodd_lager_hall_id", "cr17e_item_slutt_telt", "cr17e_item_sold_out") )


Before (when i used sharepoint list) it worked fine, but now it doesnt. i dont seem to get why,  when i remove the column "cr17e_item_sold_out" (which is the yes/no column) it works.  

This is the error that i get:

Skjermbilde 2021-08-17 kl. 01.23.06.png

Anyone pls ? 🙂 


Super User
Super User

It looks to me like your Patch() is missing the second argument, to identify the record. If you are trying to create a new record, it would read like this:

Patch('Lodd Lager Hall', 
    Defaults('Lodd Lager Hall'),

If you are trying to merge records using Patch(), then you have to present records (not tables) to the function.


Hope that helps,


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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @t12013,

Do you want to patch the update the main first list based on the collection?

Could you please share a bit more about the scenario?

If you want to update the table with several column values in the collection, you should use the ForAll().

Please modify your formula as below:

       Patch('Lodd Lager Hall', 
            Defaults('Lodd Lager Hall'),

Hope it could help you at some degree.

Best Regards,
Frequent Visitor

Hello evrybody , thanks for help. but i wanna Update items in the "main" list.  with the value from the second list in the collection. i have another gallery with exacly the same set up (one main list and one child list) and there it works.  The only difference is that that list doesnt include a YES/NO field. 

As mention in my post, if i remove the:


 then the funcion is happy. so its clearly something with the Yes/No field.  Any help pls  ? 

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