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Helper I

Showing Collectionnames in a gallery and loading a collection from this name



im configuring a checklist and since im new with powerapps i get a lot of questions.


Im saving the collections of the checklist under the name of a textinput if there is a name in the textbox.





If(IsBlank(TextInputDateiname.Text) = false,Navigate(ThisItem.TargetScreen); SaveData(OfflineOverviewCollection,TextInputDateiname.Text))





on the next screen im saving the entries with a button:




    Dachradius:         DachradiusInput.Text     





So now i should always save the inputs inside the "TextInputDateiname.Text" Text


Now i want to create a gallery: 

When clicking on the gallery you fill out the checklist with everything you saved. It already worked with a fix Collectionname, but now i want to choose which saved collection i use. is it possible to implement it in a seperate collection? 


I advanced a bit and now it shows the names, but it loads always the last saved collection and never the previous: 





Edit: It seems like it doesnt use the names in "" and simply uses the last SaveData


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Polarus ,


Do you want set a collection's name with a dynamic value. If so , that is not available.


Firstly , the SaveDate function do not create a collection it is used to save a collection to user's device under a specific name. Form example:




Save the OfflineOverviewCollection collection to the user's device under the name "Name1", suitable for LoadData to retrieve later.


I think this link will help you a lot:

SaveData, LoadData, and ClearData functions in Power Apps - Power Platform | Microsoft Docs


Secondly , if we want to create a collection collect and clearcollect is the only choice.


Finally, we can not set a collection's name with a dynamic value. 


Best Regards,



thanks for the response. 
I hoped to create a dynamic collection yeah. Im currently using a clearcollect and save this collection on the device with a name. 
Cant i use a dynamic name like SaveData(Collection, TextInput.Text) ?
So if i have a Textinput where i write a filname, it will save it under this name?

1. Textinput: FileOne

2. Textinput: FileTwo


wouldnt something like this work? Because atm it doesnt and just presents me the input of the last time i used SaveData

TextInput1: FileOne
TextInput2: FileTwo




Hi @Polarus ,


Cant i use a dynamic name like SaveData(Collection, TextInput.Text) ? This formula is fine but meaningless . And we can not set a collection's name with a dynamic value.


So if i have a Textinput where i write a filname, it will save it under this name?  What is "write a filname" mean? Do you want to create a file?


Best Regards,


i have a checklist with a lot of entries. When you write the checklist for one product, you enter a filename. i wanted to load the entries of the checklist, with LoadData(Collection,"filename")
And if i want to load another product, i use LoadData(Collection,"filename2")
But instead of writing them with the "", wanted to use the input of a textfield, where you enter the filename

Helper I
Helper I

A Second Question about this topic: If i cant implement it like this, Is it possible to Save a specified SharepointList-entry into a local Collection?



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