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Simple Count in Power Automate and Sharepoint

I have a Sharepoint list that gets updated throughout the day by users on a PowerApp. In it, I have data coming in about residents from three facilities. Residents come and go all the time, so I have created one single line of text column for "Facility" names and another boolean column for "Current". 


I would like to run a report daily count on how many rows in the Sharepoint list of current residents in each facility, and put it in a separate list called "Daily Count".


I've figured out that in ODATA, `(Current eq true) and (Facility eq 'Facility 1')` should filter out all the non-current residents of a given facility. I just want to take that filtered data, count the number of items/rows, and put that into the new list. 

When I try the `length(outputs('Get_items')?['body'])` of the body of the list, it tells me that it's an Object and I can't take length() of an object. When I do `length(createArray(outputs('Get_items')?['body']))`, it returns a single result. 


I don't want to be running some sort of recursive loop to go through all 500+ residents one by one, because it seems wasteful and takes a long time.

What am I missing?


Thank you.

Super User
Super User

Hi @ezrabutler,
If I understood your requirement correctly,  you want to show something similar to the below screenshot.

Filter out data with "(Current eq true) " and then use the below logic to show.
SP List contains - Emp ID and Reporting Manager  and My power Apps shows count for each Manger 




For this, I use GroupBy in "Items" of the gallery. (Employee_office  is my source, "Manager"- Existing column in source, "total_Count"- is the group by column name.)

Please Note:- total_Count here represents a table stored under the column.


To display the count:-  Select Subtitle- Go to text and use the count formula to display no of rows in the group by.





Hope this will help you. 
Give a like or accept as a solution or share your concerns if this is not helping.


Community Champion
Community Champion


Try using this instead:



 See here for more info


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