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Slow Gallery Rendering

I have created a Canvas App with just a gallery and some filters, but when scrolling the gallery it always takes 1-3 seconds for the data to load (see gif attached).

The data source is Excel (yeah, not the best, but don't really have a choice in this case) and I'm testing with less than 100 records. I am already storing the data in a collection OnStart of the app - it might have made things slightly better, but the overall UX is still quite awkward.

I am using a flexible height gallery (so as to be able to show details of a record directly inside the gallery, when one record is selected). I tried also with a fixed height gallery and, again, performance is slightly better, but still awkward - and overall not better enough to make me willing to re-do the entire UI.

The only "complex" thing in the app is a search/filter function in the Items property of the gallery:

        //Filtering by status and user
            If(FilterbyOkay && !FilterbyError; Filter(RecordCollection; Reminder1 = "" && Reminder2 ="" && Reminder3 ="");
               FilterbyError && !FilterbyOkay; Filter(RecordCollection; Reminder1 <> "" || Reminder2 <> "" || Reminder3 <> ""); RecordCollection); 'U-PersBetrEmail' = User().Email);
        //Filtering only by status
        If(FilterbyOkay && !FilterbyError; Filter(RecordCollection; Reminder1 = "" && Reminder2 ="" && Reminder3 ="");
               FilterbyError && !FilterbyOkay; Filter(RecordCollection; ReminderMA1 <> "" || ReminderMA2 <> "" || ReminderVL <> ""); RecordCollection));

Already tried the performance tips in Microsoft documentation, any other suggestions to improve performance?

Is it the number of labels/icons in the gallery that causes the issue? Is there a known limit where performance starts to suffer?

My gallery at the moment contains 18 elements between labels and icons + 29 hidden ones, that are shown only on selection of the record. The fixed height gallery, that I tested, only contained the 18 non-hidden elements and was still slow to load. 


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