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Slowness With Connection To SQL Server

Has anyone else had issues of periodic EXTREME slowness when doing database calls to a SQL Server hosted in Azure?


This seems to happen on and off where the database calls just start to take about 20x as long as normal and then it will magically resolve itself.


Our database admin has checked the server load during these times and there's nothing exceptional showing that should slow it down this much. 


I am trying to figure out if this is an issue on our end or PowerApps. Nothing has changed within the app itself as far as how the data is being pulled that should effect the load times, but yet this intermittent problem occurs and almost renders the app unusuable.


Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.




It's funny becasue the reason why choose PowerApps is we are using Azure SQL DB and we thought it's good to stay in one MS ecosystem...but it really gave us heaache from time to time...dont want to put too much pressure on Powerapps team but you guys really need to make this product more stable.

It seems better today. At least I didn't get any negative report from my users.


It would be good for the community to receive an oficial statement from Microsoft Support. It's important to know what have happened and if it's related to the slowness problem.


Right now I'm just glad it's working, but my confidence on Powerapps platform and its ecosystem is a bit low. I'm skeptical about recommending Powerapps to my customers if they are going to go blind when obscure issues render the system completly unstable.

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Over a year later, this is happening to us.  In our case, the SQL server is not Azure but internally hosted with a public DNS.

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I'm having the same issues. Very frustrating.

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In our case, there was an problem on Microsoft's servers at the time, affecting many people, which they resolved later that day.  The data connection problem was reported here:  It makes us question moving to cloud based systems when problems like this happen that are out of our control.

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I was working on my apps all morning and everything was fine and pretty fast, I left for an hour meeting and when I came back the data loads slow as mud. tested on two computers and phones on different connections and had the same problem. Using SQL Server on Azure and have never had this problem before.

Our apps seem ok.  But we are connecting directly to our own SQL server.  When this happened to us last time, it was a problem on Microsoft's end that they resolved later in the day.

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Have the same problem. Write or delete a row in SQL Azure Table takes up to 30 seconds. How is this possible? 

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I just finished my first app in powerapps with a SQL Azure data connection.

Everything worked perfectly until today.

Just before I wanted to publish the app for all my users to use the app got very... VERY slow.

Nothing changed so I don't know what the problem is.


I'm glad it happened now, just before publishing.

It's so bad that I decided not to publish at all.


I see that the first post here of this problem dated from a year ago... No solution yet??!!


I have no choice, I'm ditching Powerapps...

this is unacceptable for professional use

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Try another environment, which isn´t in the same region as yet. 

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