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Slowness With Connection To SQL Server

Has anyone else had issues of periodic EXTREME slowness when doing database calls to a SQL Server hosted in Azure?


This seems to happen on and off where the database calls just start to take about 20x as long as normal and then it will magically resolve itself.


Our database admin has checked the server load during these times and there's nothing exceptional showing that should slow it down this much. 


I am trying to figure out if this is an issue on our end or PowerApps. Nothing has changed within the app itself as far as how the data is being pulled that should effect the load times, but yet this intermittent problem occurs and almost renders the app unusuable.


Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Helper I
Helper I

Exactly same here! Powerapps team, please do something! Our users complains a lot about this. 

Any news about the issue? I'm having a very hard time with my users.

Regular Visitor

All of my apps now don't even connect. Something changed within the last few hours that has taken many production apps down and out. 


The server returned an HTTP error with code 0. An error has occurred on the server. I also can't create any new connections to Azure SQL databases.


I am having the exact same issue.  random slowness that does not correspond to the DTU allotment that we have with Azure.  And as of right now, the App is reporting a server error and cannot connect, but Azure is not reporting any issues.  

It seems that all of PowerApps has sh*t the bed.  Nothing is working or connecting.  Flow is also jacked up right now.  Must be a serious situation.


We are investigating
Regular Visitor

Please add us to the broken list - 75% failure to fetch Sharepoint info in both Powerapps and Flows for 2 hours. (unusable)


No problems other than occassional but livable slowdowns before today.

Just want to chime in that it appears to be somewhat wide-spread.

All apps are down here's good we did the demo/presentation this mornign to a user group...

Seems like working now...

This keeps happening to us. Its almost every week powerapps stops working with SQL server. I'm seriously considering abandoning all of the hard work we put into powerapps for a different platform. 

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