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Slowness With Connection To SQL Server

Has anyone else had issues of periodic EXTREME slowness when doing database calls to a SQL Server hosted in Azure?


This seems to happen on and off where the database calls just start to take about 20x as long as normal and then it will magically resolve itself.


Our database admin has checked the server load during these times and there's nothing exceptional showing that should slow it down this much. 


I am trying to figure out if this is an issue on our end or PowerApps. Nothing has changed within the app itself as far as how the data is being pulled that should effect the load times, but yet this intermittent problem occurs and almost renders the app unusuable.


Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



New Member

Hey bjkountz,


I have been experiencing the EXACT same issue. It is very random and intermittent. What I have done is created a new connection within PowerApps to the Azure SQL DB, removed all connections to the DB in the app using the old connection, and connected to my data tables using the new connection that I created (whole process takes maybe 10-15 minutes depending on the number of tables). This immediately fixes the issue and performance is restored, at least until it decides to happen again.


Obviously this isn't a permanent fix and I'm curious to see what others have to say. My assumption is that something is going on on the PowerApps end with how it is communicating with Azure SQL, and hopefully they will get it straightened out soon. It is definitely causing a lot of headache where processes that took seconds are now taking 5-10 minutes to load.


Same issue with us. Deleting the connection and recreating fixes the issue for a very short period of time. 

Exact same issue here...thought it was just me!


 thanks for reporting this. Do you have a session id that i can use to debug this? In general it always helps to post the session id when you run into an issue.



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Would the session id have to be from when the problem is currently occurring?


I applied the temporary fix other users stated so that my company could continue using my application and the problem hasn't occurred again... yet.

usually yes .. But if you can give me your current session id (for a user who experienced the slowness) and a timeframe of when you saw the problem - i will try to pull the session from when the issue was happening for you

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Current Session ID: "d2ac2afa-6cbd-4d15-b269-e9adf110d12b"


One period it was happening was yesterday (3/1) at around 9:45AM Eastern Standard Time

Same here.


There are two more posts with same issue:


It's not a specific problem for one user. All my users are affected and based on this forum, several customers are being hit too. It's related somehow with the way Powerapps is connecting to Azure DB.

Thanks. We are investigating this with high priority

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