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Social Media Radio Button Display Mode Based off Of Combo Box values with multi choice

I've built a decent little app that involved both a 2-week calendar view and a side "upcoming posts" gallery. Both link to a popup to show more details on the posts that are on the calendar. 


I'm hoping you can help me with the display properties for the time. I've added in a time-specific field in my sharepoint list and have it as three radio buttons (8:00 am, 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm).

It's Item's property is listed below. I had to have it filtered because I had a lot of blank spaces in the remaining slots... 



The field that will determine the Radio Button's display is called Local.Pages and is a combo box with the option of multiple choices. What I am wanting is to create a display property on the Post.Time to be able to change the time slot for just the pages that are chosen to display only vs edit. I hope that makes sense.. I'll do an example below to see if that helps clarify a bit more. 


For Example:

The user creates a new list item and chooses the following:

Local_Page Selected Items: Texas, Iowa, Florida

Post_Date: 4/23/21

Post_Time: 8:00 am


I want the next user to come in and have the display as view only for 8:00 am for the Texas, Iowa, or Florida Local_Pages EVEN if the selections aren't the same for the Local_Pages (let's say they ONLY pick Iowa). 

To further this, I am OK with the displays not showing a time slots because only one of a list of selected items are already used.


Continuing the above example: If the user selected Iowa and Alaska - I'm ok with 8:00 am being view only because Iowa was already chosen, but if they pick Wisconsin only, I still want 8:00 am to be available to edit since it was not one of the Texas, Iowa, or Florida previously used choices. 


Any help on how to get this to work would be amazing!! Thank you so much! 

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @BoyMom826,

Based on the issue that you mentioned, do you want to set the DisplayMode property of the Radio button based on the Local_Page Selected Items?

Could you please share a bit more about scenario, do these Radio buttons exist in a data card?

Do you mean that once a state has been chosen before, the Radio button should be in view mode only, on the other hand, if all the states are the totally firstly selected, the Radio button could be in edit mode?

In addition, please share more details about your app configuration.



Best Regards,
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@v-qiaqi-msft Sure! 


I am pretty new to all things power apps, so if I miss exactly what you're looking for please let me know. 


I am making a dynamic social media calendar where all staff are able to see the two week view of all posts that are scheduled across 74 different local facebook pages. Since multiple scheduled posts will fall under two or more local pages, it is easiest to have all post and page content together. The data goes through a sharepoint list named Social_Media and then creates a planner task for our social media team to know what to post when/where. 


My main screen: Shows a calendar view on the left and a searchable gallery of all items on the right. You can click on either the post listed under the dates on the calendar or the "see post details" buttons to pull up my pop-up that allows you to edit. You can click +Add New Post to create an entirely new post. 



The pop up screen for existing posts (all fields in "view mode"): 



When "Edit" is selected, it shows all fields as edit mode: 



I want the edit view of the radio buttons for my preferred post time (column name in 'Social_Media' is Post_Time) to be either edit or view based on the combo box selections in Facebook Page(s) (column is named Facebook_Pages in 'Social_Media', which is a lookup column from a list called 'Facebook_Pages'). 


My goal is to have no page be scheduled more than once in 1 time slot, no matter what the configuration of pages are. So I think that follows what you're saying above: once a state or states (if multiple are chosen) has a time slot  to change that time for the radio button to view mode/but keep that same time open across all other states that haven't been selected. 


Let me know if you need any further information or if I missed something! Thank you! 

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I'm still trying to find an answer to this.... I've created the below. Not sure if i'm getting anywhere closer? Any help is greatly appreciated! 


If([@Social_Media.Post_Date] = ThisItem.Post_Date And ThisItem.Local_Pages in [@Social_Media.Local_Pages],


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