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Solution Import - Missing Dependencies

Hi there. I am trying to import my solution into a new environment and am getting the below error:


There are missing dependencies. Install the following solutions before installing this one: "FieldService (", "ProjectService (", "MicrosoftDynamicsScheduling (", "MicrosoftWebForms (", "msdyn_TESA (", "FieldServiceCommon ("


Is there a method by which I can remove these dependencies, or ensure that they are resolved in my other environment?

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Super User III

Hi @MarkDurrheim 

I think the easiest fix would be to add the missing dependencies to your solution.

From your source solution, you can click the 'add required components' menu item against each component to add the dependencies.




Hi Mark,


Thank you for the post.


We, Microsoft, do not recommend deploying solutions in DEV unless you are planning to work with those solutions all over your systems, otherwise you might face dependencies problems like those you currently encounter.


The approach suggested by the other post will not work, and it will not work because once you have dependencies and add the required components, those will arrive with their own set of dependencies which you will need to fix before the solution deployment in your target instance.


At the moment you have the following two options:


1. Remove the dependencies one by one, they might come back as soon as you deploy a build of the Field Services, Project Services and Portals in your DEV together with some others which are right now in the roadmap for future releases of the three Apps.

The way you remove them depends on the component type from solution.xml missing dependencies section, you have the component type list below:

Within the missing dependencies section you will find something like this:


        <Required key="0" type="10" schemaName="abc_account_contact" displayName="abc_account_contact" parentSchemaName="account" parentDisplayName="Account" solution="Active" />
        <Dependent key="1" type="2" schemaName="abc_contactid" displayName="contact_id" parentSchemaName="contact" parentDisplayName="Contact" />



Type 10 means entity relationship, type 2 means field/attribute. In the example above I had created a lookup between contact and account, just as an example and you can see while I've introduced the lookup abc_contactid in my solution the relationship has been added to the required section.


In order to remove this type of dependency I will need to check the following:


a. The dependencies abc_contacid field might have, if it is on a form, I need to delete it from there, if the form is associated with an workflow, that as well might use it later on in a step, I will also need to delete the step and so on until nothing else from my solution points to the field and only then I will be able to remove the field from the solution.

The problem with this type of approach is the fact that it is very time consuming and at the end of it if you are not careful you can undo all your changes with a first party optional solution update.


2. The safest way to fix this issue and less time consuming in terms of implementation would be for you to go to all the possible target instances and install Field Service, Project Service and Portals Apps from from resources section, Dynamics Apps and from there install the proper app.


I hope this helps.


Thank you for using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Communities,

Dynamics CRM Support Blog

Madalina Toma

Support Engineer

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Thank you for the responses. This is very helpful.


Unfortunately we do need to transfer this to another dev environment due to us handing the solution over to another company. To complicate this, their license doesn't include any Dynamics 365.


We are not intentionally using any Dynamics features, but they just happened to be installed in the environment. I will attempt removing the dependencies manually and update on how that goes.

Hi Mark,


Thank you for the response.


There is another approach less time consuming, this approach would be for you to delete the solutions mentioned in your initial post.

But deleting the solutions can only be done if you do not need the data inside them, each time a solution tries to delete an entity or a field, the data behind those will also be deleted.


If your company does not have any data in them in Dev you can try this method keeping in mind they need to have their deletion process in a certain order, my colleagues in charge with those solutions might be able to help with the removal order, I can ask them if you need this piece of information.


Regarding the licensing aspect of this, most probably they have a CDS instance, having a CDS instance they don't need Dynamics licenses, but the problem is most of our first party solutions, like Sales Apps, Services Apps and so not only them are not yet compatible with those not sure if we will ever manage to bring something similar in the roadmap for CDS, I've asked the PM earlier last week while working on another case but for now we are still debating this aspect.


Please keep us posted if the removal of the dependencies will have the expected behaviour.


Thank you!




Hi Madalina,


Thanks again. Deleting the solutions would definitely be the fastest. We don't need the data within them.


I have tried to figure it out through looking at the Solution Layers report, but wasn't able to find out the way forward with that. If you could link me up with someone who can help with removing those that would be amazing.




Hi Mark,


Thank you for the update.


I found this guide for FS uninstallation:


For PSA and Portals I will continue to discuss with my colleagues regarding the uninstallation order.


Just a short question from my side as Portals have different internal solutions for different Portal choices, what type of Portal do you have?


Thank you,


Hi Mark,


From an internal document we have the following solutions for Field Services:

" Note

Some solutions are shared with other apps like Field Service, and should not be removed unless you intend to uninstall those apps too. Skip those solutions.












Patch name or number may vary






Required for Field Service



Required for Field Service



Required for Field Service



Required for Field Service



Required for Field Service. Patch name or number may vary



Required for Field Service


One of my colleagues provided me the solutions for Portals as well, once I will be able to find out the type of Portal you have I will provide the list of solutions to be uninstalled.


Thank you!

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