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Advocate II
Advocate II

Solution management is broken for SQL.

We have a large app which was developed as a standalone proof of concept and now needs moving into a solution. It was using Azure SQL via an implicitly shared (username/password SQL authentication) connection but now that the project has executive approval, we have an AD group and need to move the app to use a new AD-secured SQL connection which we created. 


We created the new AD-secured connection (let's call it SQL-AD) and deleted the old SQL-authentication connection (let's call it SQL-Old). We went through the app (let's call it AppSoln) and deleted all the connections to tables/views etc from SQL_Old and replaced them with references to the SQL-AD connection. To save confusion (because the effing stupid interface doesn't let you rename the connections) we deleted the old SQL-AD connection from the connection list (and it's no longer required anyway).


We imported the app into a newly created Solution.


When we now re-open the app in the editor or share a link for a user to run the app, we get an error message: 


AppSoln needs your permission to use the following. Please allow the permissions to proceed.


SQL Server, connection by Microsoft.

Your app needs this connection. Please edit your app to add it back.


This is presumably an orphaned reference to the SQL-Old connection which we deleted. Even when we re-create the connection we still get this error (presumably because it has a different GUID).


We thought we could perhaps export the app and manually edit the JSON definition file to get rid of it, but no, creating an export package fails with an error message:


Could not find connection '9ec326a965844e96b19 etc etc' for API 'shared_sql'.


So my two questions are:


(1) So are we screwed? Is there no way of getting rid of this reference?

(2) If we do get past this mess, how are we going to manage pointing the SQL-AD connection to different SQL servers in the three environments we now have? (Dev,Test,Production).  Microsoft hasn't deigned to add Data Source environment variables for Azure SQL yet, so do we manually have to update the connection each time we make a change and re-publish from Dev to Test etc???


(3) As an extra bit of crapness from MS, we also created a Data Source environment variable for a SharePoint document library we talk to, but when we try to add a SharePoint connection via this variable, the "Advanced" tab is not showing up to enable us to select it. (i.e. only hard coding the site/library address is available).



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