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Community Champion
Community Champion

Solved: patching to SharePoint choice and lookup type columns

The following should work if you disallow multiple selections for the column in SharePoint.


Any updates will be in this newer post.


I will start with choice type columns, but the approach is exactly the same for lookups.


Let's say your SharePoint list (MyList) has a choice column (MyChoiceColumn) with 3 choices: Choice A, Choice B, Choice C.


This works:

Patch(MyList, MyRecord, {MyChoiceColumn: {Id: 1, Value: "Choice A", '@odata.type': "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference"}})


In order to make it practical, have a dropdown control (Dropdown1) in PowerApps with the following Items property:

Table({Id: 1, Value: "Choice A"}, {Id: 2, Value: "Choice B"}, {Id: 3, Value: "Choice C"})


Then you can modify the above Patch to this:

Patch(MyList, MyRecord, {MyChoiceColumn: {Id: Dropdown1.Selected.Id, Value: Dropdown1.Selected.Value, '@odata.type': "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference"}})


If you have a lookup to MyLookupList with MyLookupColumn, then set the Items property of the dropdown control to this:


(you must have also added this list as a data source first)


Then the Patch will be this:

Patch(MyList, MyItem, {MyLookupColumn: {Id: Dropdown1.Selected.ID, Value: Dropdown1.Selected.Title, '@odata.type': "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference"}})

Please let me know if anyone has any issues with making this work.

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

What is "MyRecord" in this solution?


MyRecord is a record or record type variable which identifies the record to be modified.

It need only contain those columns in the primary key of your data source.

Please let me know if further clarifications are needed.

Frequent Visitor

iam trying i have choice column but its giving me error on record . tried alot 

Super User
Super User

Hi @Meneghino. How does this method apply when Patching multiple records to a Sharepoint Person-type column? I can't seem to get this part to work.


  • Sharepoint data source
  • Using a Person-type column for one Form field
    • This column allows me to lookup people within my org AND select multiple.
  • I just can't figure out how to write the Patch statement for this. "Odata" is a bit baffling to me. I need to research more.

Thank you

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