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Sort by Name my Gallery (LookUp Column Value)

Hi, maybe is simple but I cannot resolve alone this situation cause i'm a beginner on PowerApps.


I try to sort by name my "Gallery1_1" who is taking the information from my sharepoint list "Grille des acquis_1". My gallery use two LookUp column for the name (Nom, Prénom) and the ID (N° Employé).


PS: sorry if my english is horrible, i'm french eheh...



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Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi @Anonymous 


As per my understanding, I have done a testing on my end:

The datasource is " Question" and i have sorted it by column "Question" you can do the same with your column "Name".




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Unfortunately this does not work, it is written:

Warning regarding delegation. The "Sort" part of this formula may not work well on large datasets.

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I have found a solution that works!

Sort('Grille des acquis_1'; 'Nom, Prénom'.Value)

On the other hand, the same warning message remains present.

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So a delegation warning/error pops up in PowerApps for a few reasons. If you use certain keywords such as "In" while using and if function or if you are trying to access calculated columns or other complex columns. For example a column in a SP list that is set to be calculated like this [LastName] & ", " & [FirstName] with always produce a delegation error. This is because PowerApps does not want to do this work and lookup itself so it 'delegates' it to SP to do and just waits on the values that SP sends back. My guess would be you are using one of these column types. Also if you use Sort function, I believe that you can only name a single column to sort by and you cant call any other functions in that call or it becomes a delegation. Here is a link that may explain it better than me.
Understand delegation in a canvas app - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

Something I do for smaller lists that I get alot of delegation warnings on is make a quick local copy to read from. For example onVisible for that screen or on app load I will use a ClearCollect function and just copy either the entire list if its small enough or copy only what I want into that local list. This gives you a local copy that you can then pull data from without causing delegation warnings. If you are going to write back to the SP list you will have to remember to make sure you are writing to the correct item in SP and no the item in the local copy. If you have any other questions people on this forum rock and are super polite! Not need to apologize for poor English as most of us probably cant speak another language at all let alone as well as you do! Cheers!

Btw check out Shane Young on YouTube as he is an amazing teacher.
Shane Young - YouTube

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