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Advocate II
Advocate II

SortByColumns and using variable sort columns and delegation

Hi, im using SortByColumn in a Gallery, and i am going to create buttons with different for different sort order, eg button for Title, Created, Location, Created by, Priority  Requester.  My variable is varSortColumn.


I use the set(varSortColumn,"Title")  to set the column name to sort by.

In the Item in the Gallery i use:




When i use a variable, and not the "hord code" name of the column i get an delegation warning. Is there a way to use variable without getting the delegation issue ?    When i use the column name, there is not any delegation problem, only when i use a variable. 








I tried With statement and it DOES clear the delegation warning but it doesn't retrieve all the records.

I tested by changing the limit to 5. It only retrieve 5 records.



This is what I'm trying


With ( {wFilterRecords: Filter(SP, 
       (ID=Value(IDFilterInput_2.Text) || IsBlank(IDFilterInput_2.Text)) &&
(FullName = NameFilterInput_2.Selected.DisplayName || IsBlank(NameFilterInput_2.Selected)))
        Sort(wFilterRecords, "Column1", If(sortDirection,Descending,Ascending)),  
        Sort(wFilterRecords, "Column2", If(sortDirection,Descending,Ascending)) 



Im getting the exact same thing, managed to get the with method to work but it does not get round the delegation issue


@JoshHudsy and @indhaa ,

Absolutely correct - you might read this blog of mine - the second dot point advises of this.

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