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Split Forms / Attachment Control

Hi All,


I have an app that submits data to a SharePoint list with numerous columns. Due to the number of columns, I've created multiple screens that the user must complete before submitting the request.

Upon clicking the "New Request" button on the app's home screen, I'm setting a global variable as follows:



Set(glblRequestData, Defaults(My_SharePoint_List));


There are 3 screens in total:


  • Screen 1: formPart1, formAttachments
  • Screen 2: formPart2
  • Screen 3: formPart3


The "Item" property on formPart1, formAttachments, and formPart2 is set to the global variable, "glblRequestData".

formPart3 is essentially the "master" form which contains all of the fields to be submitted to the SharePoint list. The "Item" property on formPart3 is set as follows:



Patch(glblRequestData, formPart1.Updates, formPart2.Updates, formAttachments.Updates)



On Screen 3, there's another Attachments control included as one of the fields in formPart3. The Attachment controls on Screen 1  (formAttachments) and Screen 3 (formPart3) are associated to the same "Attachments" column on the data source (SharePoint List).

However, if I attach a file on Screen 1 (formAttachments) it's not carrying over to the attachments control on Screen 3 (formPart3). 

In other words, I add a file using the attachment control on Screen 1 (formAttachments), but then once I've proceeded onward to Screen 3, the Attachments control on that final screen shows "There is nothing attached" (as illustrated in the screenshot).

So, essentially I'm trying to figure out how to "link" these controls together in such a way that if the user attaches a file on Screen 1, that same file will be displayed in the Attachments control on Screen 3 prior to them submitting the request.


Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong?


Thank you! 


Super User
Super User

Hi @bcanfield83 ,

Why do you have the Item as a Patch? Why not simply run the Patch and then base Form3 on the resulting record. I think your problem lies here.


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