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Helper V

Spliting questions in 3 screens!



I am trying to have an normal app, but when people use it, they have to do 3 separate screens! The data is all on the same Sharepoint list, but i wanna split that data into  3 screens! I was trying to do that, by simple copy the screen and add diferent datas, but after a while, i noticed that only the last data (Last screen) would be sent, while the others would be just blank!


So i had a 3/4 of the answers blanked, and the last one, answered!

Any help?


Ok, i understood it all, thank you for the help! Ill let you know when i finish, saying if it works or not! If it works, i'll accept it as an awnser!

Helper II
Helper II

Ok we all have to start somewhere I was in your position 2 months ago just have a play and ask on here if your stuck on anything - people are more than happy to help

Hey there, i am back


Unfortunaly, i couldn't make it to work! When i was putting the rating, the rating would put back to default, and would say, and unknow error occurred!



The code that i used was:


Patch('DATA', Defaults('DATA'), {Name that the system gave to the item: DataCardValueX})

Being the x the number shown in the datacardvalue

And when i send with the defaults one, the shartepoint gave me blanks! Expect, like i said, the last one! Am i missing something here?


Is it because my submit button is like this:


EDIT: When trying to answer on the internet, it says my code has an error, and then it won't show me the data on the other 2 screens... I'm gonna restore an old version, but i would like your help, i don't know what i am doing wrong!

Frequent Visitor

My recommendation is as follows:


- Create 3 edit form screens.

- add all the needed fields of the Sharepoint list on the 3 screens.

- add a button on screen 1 and 2 that navigates you all the way down to screen 3 (screen 1 navigates to 2 and Screen 2 navigates to 3).

- In the navigation function of the screens 1 and 2 pass the values of the entered data into variables to the next screen using the following format from Screen1:

Navigate(Screen2, ScreenTransition.Fade, {Value1:TextInput1.Text, Value2:TextInput2.Text,Value3:TextInput3.Text})


Again, from screen 2, Pass all values you captured from both screen 1 and 2 to screen 3.

- Add a button on screen 3 to pass all values from all screens to your SP List using the Patch function:



Patch(SPListName, Defaults(SPListName), { ColumnName1:Value1,ColumnName2:Value2, ColumnName3:Value3, .. })


Let me know if you have any problems.



Hey @Fatima,


What's the beetween the Value:TextInput1 and the ColumnName:Value1

I don't have any text, all i have is, numbers (Ratings) and choices, and multiline texts


Sorry for the incovinience

Frequent Visitor

"Value1", "Value2" and "Value3" act like variables that you can use to pass values from one screen to another.

in your case you can say:

on Screen 1:

Navigate(Screen2, ScreenTransition.Fade, {Value1:Rating1.Value, Value2:Rating2.Value, Value3: Rating3.Value, ..})

on Screen 2:

Do the same and pass the results in Value1, Value2, and Value3 ( in additino ot the new Ratings yo uwant to pass from this screen) to new variables to Screen 3.

On Screen 3:

add a button -- OnSelect: Patch(SPListName, Defaults(SPListName),{ColumnName1:Value1, ColumnName2:Value2, ColumnName3:Value3, ..})


Give it a try on 2 screens so you grab the concept before trying it on 3 screens.

Let me know how that works.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @Fields


Allow me to be here to share.


(A) Option 1: Using Forms.


If you are using Edit Forms / New Forms, you can submit all of them at the last screen using

Submit(Form1); Submit(Form2); Submit(Form3).

";" is a sequence action connector. You can't use Submit(Form1, Form2, Form3).


I am prettu sure it will submit and save all your works in Screen 1 + Screen 2 + Screen 3 into SPL


(B) Option 2: Using Patch


What @SChappell2580 mentioned is correct.


Imagine you have 3 screens:

Screen1 : TextInput1, Textnput1_1......Navigate to Screen2

Screen2: TextInput2, TextInput2_1......Navigate to Screen3

Screen3: TextInput3, TextInput3_1..... SAVE Button with the following syntax

Button1.OnSelect =

Patch(DataSource, Defaults(DataSource), {Field1: TextInput1.Text, Field2: Textnput1_1.Text, Field3: TextInpit2.Text, Field4: TextInput2_1, Field5: TextInput3.Text, Field6: TextInput3_1.Text})


Defaults(DS) - Means to append new data into a new rows

{FieldTitle: Input.Text, ................} inside Curly Braces


I hope this will further in clarifying the scenario,


Have a nice day. TQ






Hi @hpkeong,


I have tried, the first ideia, and it works (Only on editscreen) , but instead of giving one answer, gives me three... And if i use forms, when i am using the app, the data and questions will not show itself... It will say, there is nothing here... As you can see here:




Now, this thing of patching is a lot complicated, and microsoft should do a way that beginners could use this without getting confused...


Let's say this:


In the first screen i Have:

Rating Nº1

Rating Nº2 

Rating Nº3 

Rating Nº4 

Rating Nº5

(The ratings are numbers in sharepoint)

Choice Nº1


Choice Nº2

TextMultiline Nº2

TextMultiline Nº3


To Patch this first screen i use (RatingNº1.(DATACARDVALUEHERE));(RatingNº2.(DATACARDVALUEHERE))...


The last screen is pretty much the same, but instead with numbers, let's use ABC


How do i patch the last screen? Because i have tried patching everything and it gets me an error

Community Champion
Community Champion



1. Submit Forms

- using ; is the way to have sequential action

- I am not sure what is this when you say you have "3 answers instead of one"

 Please share actual screens


2. Patch


OK, whatever the Input value is, if they are Text, just {Field: InputText.Text} or if they are number, then, {Field: Value(InputText,Text)} - where you need to convert text to value.


If you are still unclear, I wish you to have a screen shot of your sample 3-screens and I can help to code for you here instead of wild guess or misunderstanding,






Hey there,


Here are my screens, but for the sake of spamming my reply with photos, im gonna put the most important ones! The first screen (First two photos) and the last screen (Last photo)!


Keep in mind, that the second screen is exactly the same as the first screen, so that's why i didn't put it!



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