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Spreadsheet like data entry

We have a form that i'm attempting to replicate in powerapps so it can populate to a database table directly.  On it, a user will enter their name/date/location, and then fill out money denoms for employees.  For example:








This would be done for 3 to N employees, and then submitted to the table.  They should never see any data that's on the table itself, only be allowed to submit to it (and data will be validated to ensure no issues there).


I have most of the framework down for what I need (data validation, collect/patch to grab multiple entries, etc), but I'm not sure how to layout the actual data entry part. 


In excel it's just 8 columns, each column being an employee, with the rows being the denoms and various sum ups/other entries, and then my code loops over all that and stops when it hits a blank employee ID.


For powerapps I've tried doing something like a blank gallery, but that only seems to work if there's already records in the table. Any suggestions on what the best way to set this up would be? Or should I just make a ton of text boxes in a grid and then use logic on the submit to collect, validate, submit?


I could do that, but that's just it, they don't reside anywhere.  This should be a data entry form for X items (usually 3, but up to 8), so i can't link it to existing records because the whole purpose is to enter records that do not already exist.


To expand on this:


I have a table i'm going to insert these records into, so a table with matching fields exists, but linking it to that table is just going to show the data in the table (which I don't want).


All i really need is a way to let someone write to a table without linking to it.  I could just fill the screen with text boxes without the gallery i guess, although that's going to be a lot of copy pasting/renaming to get everything referenced.

Ok, lets do one thing: Create 8 textboxes on one screen, and make only one visible. The user can click on a Next button to display the next if he wants to enter more employee names. This process can continue until they have added all 8 employees. Then you can have one more button that collects all these names in a collection. 


Then on another screen, you can have a gallery using this collection as a datasource. All this collection could have additional columns (like the details you want to capture for each employee). 


You could then have an editable gallery to allow updation of those details or you can have a form that displays the selected item of the gallery to allow addition of details to that record. 


Does that help? 


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I'd started heading down that path but I hadn't thought of using the collection as the source for a gallery. That helps a lot.  Thanks.

Awesome, that's great! Glad I could help!

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