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StartsWith and 500 record limitation

I am using the following function in the Gallery


SortByColumns( If(IsBlank(TextSearchBox1.Text),TestList,Filter(TestList,StartsWith( GivenName, TextSearchBox1.Text ) || StartsWith( SurName, TextSearchBox1.Text ) )),"UserDisplayName", If(SortDescending1, Descending, Ascending))


This allows me to search records for the user by first or last name.  The function partially works in that I can search, however only the first 500 items of a list that contains less than 1000 items are visible.  I have checked (see references) and all the functions and operators are delegatable but I am only seeing the first 500 records.  The simplest way to demonstrate this is to reverse sort the list and you see the viewable items in the gallery is incomplete.  How do I overcome this 500 item limitation even though delegation is not the issue


Notice, there is no indication of a filtering, delegation or limitation on the number of records




500 record limitation500 record limitation



Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

@mr-dang - Hoping you can help me.  I started an app from blank.  I connected to my datasource, which is a SP list with over 33k list items.  I added a text input control to use as search box and set the items property of my Display form to:

Filter('Master Project Data', StartsWith(ProjectNumber, TextInput1.Text))


This is throwing an error and the form is not displaying the selected project.  


Do you have any thoughts why I cannot filter for a project with what I have thus far?


Thank you.

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